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I'd like to get into wedding photography, and everyone tells me that you should have at least two cameras for any event in case of mechanical failure. I want to upgrade to the 5D and currently Dell.com has all cameras 15% off. I have a coupon for an additional 15% off if I use my Dell Preferred account...which takes $919.00 off THEIR price (which is always inflated) for a purchase total of $2380 + tax with free shipping. I know that price is cheaper than most reputable retailers are offering right now, but here's my dilemma...

I'm not sure I really NEED a 5D, I just want to make the BEST decision for the long run...and everyone I've talked to absolutely RAVES about that camera!! I currently have a 20D with an EF-S 17-85, a 70-200 f/4L, and two primes (85mm and 50mm). Although I wouldn't be paying out-of-pocket up front…I'm going to use my work bonus (that I'll receive in July) to pay off the Dell account and avoid interest…and the 5D will tap my expense budget for the rest of the year…which means no more glass until next year. So, I thought perhaps instead I should get the 30D (with dell's discount) and have more than enough left over to buy the 17-55 or 24-70L lens at 15% off.

Here is where the "dilemma" part comes in…

The "15% OFF Electronics & Accessories" coupon is going to expire in 4 days, and the "15% OFF all cameras" Dell is offering right now could end at any time as well...which means if I wait too long, Dell's price goes back to $3299 for the 5D.
If I get the 30D I most likely won't get the 5D for a very long time (if ever). I can justify it now because I need a second body for a backup (and I want the best camera possible for the profession I'm going into), however, if I already have two bodies I'll NEVER convince the wife to let me upgrade.

So...I can use my Dell account and get either a 5D (body only) for $2380 + tax, or…get the 30D ( at $891 ) with the EF-S 17-55 ( at $938 ) for a total of $1829 + tax. No matter which camera I choose, I must use my Dell account to use the additional 15% off coupon…and, since I'm cash-poor right now, if I don't use the Dell account I'll have to wait until July (when the wedding season is half-over) and hope I find a deal. Sorry for rambling, but I'm really conflicted about this...and I trust the opinion of the membership here to help me make a decision!!

Is the discount on the 5D a better deal in your opinion?

More importantly...which is the smarter way to go for an individual getting into wedding photography?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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The 5D would be a terrific camera for weddings. With it's great high ISO performance and high resolution, you do get some quality photos out of it.

Just keep in a mind a few things. One, it won't work with EF-S lenses, only the larger EF lenses (all the L series lenses, I believe). I'm guessing your primes would work, but I don't really know. EF-S lenses are designed to work with the smaller sensors that most Canon DSLRs have, which have a 1.6x crop factor.

That's the other thing to be aware of. A 20D, 30D, XT, or just about any other Canon DSLR has a 1.6x crop factor because of its smaller sensor, so a 70-200mm lens would be more like 105-300mm. On the 5D, it would be 70-200mm so you get less reach. If you shoot more wide angle, than it obviously has an advantage.

I don't know which lenses get the most use at a wedding, so perhaps someone with more experience could help you out there. From what I've heard though, you should only use high quality lenses with the 5D if you really want to get your money's worth out of it. I think you'd be better off with a 3D if it's the only way to get the right lenses. Lenses outlive camera bodies, so I think they should take priority when budgeting.
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Good point regarding the crop factor. I know I'd get more bang for the buck with the 30D because I'd be able to pick-up another f/2.8 lens...its just that the 30D isn't much more than I already have with the 20D.Funny thing is,I'd be getting it for LESS than I paid for my 20D!!

I just feel like the 5D is a "now-or-never" purchase...and if its the best choice for a wedding camera, I may just have to go for it and put the24-70 on a credit card. It'llpi$$ off the wife, but I've found its mucheasier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.:G
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The way prices keep going down, it seems that a "now or never" price just means that there will be a better camera out soon that is also cheaper.

As far as getting more gear past your wife- making enough money to buy the gear AND a nice present for her with the wedding photography should solve that problem.
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I was once showing my 35 mm camera case to one of my wife's cousins, and he made a comment about how much money you can get tied up in cameras. I replied "Yeah, but it's cheaper than cocaine," only to hear my wife growl, "Only slightly."
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