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The SB-600 zooms to the numerical focal length of the lens on my D70s, not the "35mm effective focal length". There is a pull out panel to get to 14mm focal length as well.
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OK, some reading first.



I owe you an apology, I have been using the term incorrectly. I was wrong.

As the definition shows "effective focal length" doesn't mean exactly the same thing as "focal length" but in fact every SLR camera lens quotes its "effective focal length", so I was wrong and you were right.

Thank you for the correction.

As it happens however my incorrect usage was not something I invented, it is fairly commonly made error. It may happen in the fullness of time that if enough people use it incorrectly for long enough the definition will have to change to take account of common usage. Until that happens however it is better to resist the incorrect usage and correct people. I applaud you.

I shall have to change the way I refer to this phenomenon. "35mm equivalent focal length" it shall be from now on.

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