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I have been using a Pentax K1000 (my first Film SLR) for the past year and college is looming around the corner. I'd like to get all my equipment before having to deal with college bills, so am looking to get my DSLR and my required lenses (17, 28, plus some extention tubes for fun [I love macro]) this summer.
My photography teacher had several suggestions; film scanners, older dlsr model, or just hoofing the bill for the one I really want. I have been worrying a LOT lately about whether Pentax is going to continue on this current streak of good quality cameras or if they'll fall back into the poor quality crud of the 80's, and also about them being owned by Samsung.
The camera I'm looking at is the Pentax K10 or if I should go the safe way while I still can (I only have 2 lenses currently) and switch to another brand.

Think I'll be safe to stay?
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While the few reviews have been slightly mixed have you seen many if any bad user comments on the K10D?????

I am pleased as punch with mine after dumping Canon (orig Rebel) and fed up waiting for the stil not in sight C-40D. (Plus K10D hundreds less than Canon 30D and more capable)

Being digital and taking "WHY NOT SHOTS" , the K10D constantly surprises me that it actually pulls them off.

Plus keep in mind any Pentax Glass you have from the old K1000 is completely usuable on the K10D AND will be stablized as well..

As to future... they'd be fools to just dump the wake up call (caught them in complacent siesta) they have significantly given to Canon and Nikon if they care ANYTHING about the less than hard core Pro Market anymore.

I have even seen Canon and Nikon diehards giving first time (no glass investment) SLR canditates pointers to the K10D (and 100 for those on a budget)

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Pentax isn't owned by Samsung - they just had an agreement/partnership with a couple of cameras. They are in the process of merging with Hoya - a move that could be very good for Pentax cameras, since Hoya makes lens blanks and other photographic/imagine equipment for years. The K10 and the K100have been quite successful and Pentax has announced a number of new top qualitylenses, some being released shortly and some to be released by the end of the year. It's just my opinion, but it seems to me that Pentax is in it for the long haul. Who knows what's going to happen to it in 5 years - if I could tell the future (or even next year's weather in the mountains) I could make a million! On the other hand, I've been impressed enough with Pentax tobuy both the K10 and the K100, and will most likely buy one (or more)of the new DA* lenses coming out.

If you are really concerned, then now is the time to switch and sell off your Pentax lenses - they are commanding a good price on ebay right now. Apparently, there are lots of people out there who are willing to take the chance on Pentax - thegoing ratefor high quality used lenses is getting close to twice whatthey were last summer - so now is a good time to be selling if you want to switch.
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I have been using a Pentax K1000
Really that should answer the question right there - that camera is how old? I can't see Pentax going anywhere. They have always been a "cult camera" - offer the same or better features of N & C @ a lower price.

Use old lenses w/ stabilization? What's not to like?
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