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I have been wanting to get a DSLR for well over a year now, and I am finnaly ready to buy one.
I have done alot of research on and off the last year or so, and had all but made my mind up to buy a Canon 30D.
I have had a few Canon P&S cameras over the years, and have been Very happy with them.
So I am quite the Canon fan.

Then I started looking at the Nikon D200, which seems to only be alittle over $100 more than the Canon 30D.

Things that caught my eye about the D200 were,,,
- About 2MP more
-Time Lapse Settings (correct me if I am wrong, the 30D doent have that does it?)
- Multi Exposure overlays (again, not on the 30D, correct?) Though, this can be done with software, and I am almost thinking thats the better way to do it anyway.

Overal, I seem to like the Canon better, like the layout of it better I think.
From the sample photos, it also seemed to have a cleaner image with higher ISOs.
And it also does 3200 ISO.
I do alot of night shots, both long exposure, and of moving objects in low light, so this is important.

So, what am I missing?
What camera would you buy? and why?


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Both of these cameras are excellent cameras and will give you excellent pictures. I don't have either one (I have Pentax cameras) so I won't say "get this one because I think it is better."

Looking at what attracts you to the D200, your first item is the extra 2 mp. Do you really need those extra mp? Are you going to be printing mostly posters? Do you take lots of wildlife where you'll be cropping quite a bit? If not, then you probably won't be making use of those extra mp - I've previously posted an example of two pictures, one taken with a 6 mp and one taken with a 10 mp camera (both Pentax cameras), and resized the full frame picture to fit here on the board. You can't (at least I can't) tell the difference between the two. You can see the differences with the 100% crops, but not when the picture is resized down (and there's no difference when I've printed 4x6). For most people those 2 mp won't add enough to be a deciding factor.

My camera does multi-exposure overlays, but I've never even felt the need to play with it (probably should, just to see what kind of results I get with it). As you say, software can do the same thing (and if you use Photoshop you'd have much more control of the effects). How often do you feel a need for this - if you are doing wedding photography I can see where this might be real handy, but for most they might use it once or twice.

I think it really comes down to this:

jtice wrote:

Overal, I seem to like the Canon better, like the layout of it better I think.
From the sample photos, it also seemed to have a cleaner image with higher ISOs.
And it also does 3200 ISO.
I do alot of night shots, both long exposure, and of moving objects in low light, so this is important.

You prefer the ergonomics of the Canon (a HUGE plus in its favor - nothing worse than trying to take pictures with a camera that is either like a lead-weight in your hands, or so small you can't quite grip it right). You do lots of night photography where the 3200 ISO will be important. So, it sounds to me like you've basically answered your own question.
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Thanks for the comments.

I know that its not all about MP, and if you resize the images down, or print fairly small, you never notice.

I never print any photos, but I think I want to start.
I want to make a few and get them framed.
If the 8MP 30D can do 2 to 3 foot wide prints, thats fine with me.

Cropping is however, something I am concerned with.
I like to be able to crop, without loosing much detail.
I have a 6MP Canon SD620 now, and its great for a P&S.
And I have been able to crop fairly well with it in the past.

The 200D seems to be a bit more feature packed, but if they are things I wont use, then that really doesnt matter.

I do a variety of shots,
Alot of outdoor shots, caving shots, and alot of indoor closeup/macro shots of objects.
One MAIN issue I have with most the cameras I have used, including the Canon S3 IS,
is that I still get a bit of noise in the shots.
The other day I was at a party, which had OK lighting, but not great.
I even tried adding a slave flash, but still, the shots just werent super crisp and clean.
Thats what I am after.
I want to be able to take a ramdom, spur of the moment shot indoors, and it be crisp, clean, with no blurring.
I am thinking the cleaner high ISOs will help with that alot.

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There is a slim difference between features and gimics. Often a very thin difference. One mans gimmic is anothers feature. I concur with mtngrl on the need.

2mp is little real improvement. What is more important is the quality of images the sensors can capture. Canon has a reputation of better quality/lower noise at high ISO settings. Are you going to be shooting at 400 ISO or less or will your style of photography be pushing the 800 -1600 ISO end?

Multiple exposure overlays. Best done post processing. Easier to get exactly what you want with more precission and much less time. Is this something you really intend to use our does it just sound cool?

Time exposure. Again, is it something you will use in your photography or does it just sound neat? Canon offeres a remote accessory that does Time exposure in a wide varity of settings up to I believe 99 hours.

Only you know what you want and will shoot.

There are better things to compare and decide on.

ISO range
Shutter speed
Auto Focusing modes and points
Metering methods such as Eval, Center weighted, Partial, Spot

There are a host of others.

Do your homework on what you need.

Go to this site and compare the features side by side. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sidebyside.asp

Go to a photography shop and try out both cameras. Feel, control placement, shoot some pictures with the camera, check out the essential accessores and lens you are interested in. Then decide. If you listen to others you will wonder if you made the right choice. If you do your homework you will be happy. You are not buying a camera now, you are buying a system. DSLR bodies come and go. Good glass, properly cared for will last for ever.
Good luck

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Indeed, alot of "features" are gimicks, etc.
Especially when you personally dont find them useful.

Multiple exposure overlays:
I am not worried about this, as you said, its better to so via software on the computer anyway.

Time exposure (time lapse):
This is important to me, and I have been using this already.
My P&S Canons can be controlled with my laptop,
and my new Sony HC90 MiniDV camcorder does great time lapse also.
I would love the 30D to have that, but I can live without it, as there are other solutions.

I also do alot of long exposure, I max out the SD620's 15 second exposure all the time.
This is especially important for caving photos.
So the long exposures, and low noise in the high ISOs is very important to me.
And Canon seems to be on top for that.

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Not to confuse matters further -but financially if you can go a little more $$$ - the 12+ mp Fuji S5 (based on the D200) looks like (no personal experience)it has real possibilities . . .


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