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I'm thinking of picking up a small, cheap digital camera.

I intend to carry it around most everywhere - there have been so many moments involving my 10 month old daughter that I missed because I didn't have a camera. So I'd like something small, with a narrow profile.

It must have a fast startup time - this is probably one of the most important features. My current Nikon Coolpix 950 (or whatever it is) is incredibly slow to startup.

I'm not sure what format I want built in for storage, but my Nikon uses compact flash cards (I think that's the right name). I have a Sandisk reader so I'd like to reuse that if I could. I think SD is the current standard, except for Sony's memory stick.

I'd prefer not to have to plug the camera in using USB (I can't face having another cable), although a USb cradle might be an option. But if there's no other option then I can live with it.

Pricewise, I'm looking around CAN$175 - CAN$250 pre-tax. I know this is limiting, but it doesn't need fancy features.

Also, I'd prefer it didn't have a thumbwheel - I just don't like them. Picky!

So far I've found:

CANON POWERSHOT A460 (Good all rounder?)
SONY DSC-W30 (Good, but memory stick)
Casio Exilim EX-S600 (average quality pictures? Fast startup)

Which is the better option - rechargable AA batteries, or the lithium (what do you call them)?

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The Canon A460 is on Steve's Best Cameras list in two categories, pocket and entry level. Have you read the reviews on the all the cameras in those two catagories? You should be able to form a short list of those that meet your needs. Then try to actually handle the cameras, power them up, go through the menus and setting. If it feels right and act right it will probably be best for you.
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if your bamboozeled you can try and use a great comparesent option on the site : dpreview.com

i would recommend the canon a640 , better check out this link :

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I bought a Casio EX-S600 to carry around instead of my Canon DSLR. It is really small and thin and fits nicely in my pocket. It has a 2 sec startup time. It comes with a USB/charger cradle. Li-Ion batteries have better capacity than AA but they are more expensive.

I thought about getting the Canon A460 but Future Shop had the EX-S600 on sale for $199 CDN.
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Stodge, I've seen the Canon A460 fo for as low as $79. Canadian, so shop around the online stores, there are quite a few Canadian ones now. But I'll vote with J Allen for the A640. It's much better.
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