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I'm looking for a hybrid camera... or basically, I want a thin, tiny, video camera with good quality. I just returned from Disney World in Florida and realized how much it sucks to Lug around a video camera. The camera I have, a Panasoinic GS-250, is not large by any means, but it doesn't comfortably fit into my pocket...

Long story short, I have been doing a lot of research on these "hybrid" cameras and it's starting to get overwhelming with all the models, brands, knockoff's, ect.ect.ect...

This is why i'm turing to the knowledgable community here... I'll tell you what I need and what is important to me, and then, hopefully, you guys could tell me what I should buy.

1) Price range $0-200.00 = roughly

2) SD - I prefer the smallest, lightest video camera possible.. this means no tapes

3) Quality - 640x480 @ min. and 30FPS is a must... MPEG4... anything more is a +

4) Low light conditions - want to find one with night-shot feature similiar to the Sony Handycam series of camcorders. If not, no big deal.

5) Ease of Use - I want to feel comfortable holding the camera, as well as walking with it in my pocket. I want as many features as possible, but not have confusing menu screens and non-sense.

6) Boot-Up time... The faster the camera is going from OFF to RECORD... the better...

I appreciate any help you guys/gals can offer.. thanks a LOT...

sorry for the newbiness... I just don't want to waste my money on some ebay-knock-off.....

- jon
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Note: I don't need a camera with games, MP3 player and a back-scratcher...

I just need a pocket-sized, reliable, good quality video camera that can also takedecent stills...
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i have the casio ex-s600. it's on steve's list of best ultra-compact cameras. i like it (even though i'm searching for something newer). you can also zoom during video.

check out steve's review:

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Above a decent recommendation but if you really expect much (as much as prices have dropped) you are expecting far too much for the money you are specifying....go a hundred more... much different story.
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Sanyo Xacti Hybrids. :G
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You can try the Casio EX-S600 (or EX-S700). It is quite small and easy to carry in your shirt or pant pocket. It captures in MPEG-4 and takes SD cards. Startup time is <2 seconds on my stopwatch.

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