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Thank you so much, especially to the Hun, for helping me to clarify what the heck I am really looking for in a camera.

I realized that size really isn't a factor. Image quality, all around indoor and outdoor performance, low shutter lag, and price are my main decision makers.

So here is what I am down to: I am going to get a dSLR at some point in the next 2-3 years at the most. Money is a real consideration right now, though. I am definitely getting a camera now even if not a dSLR, though, because I cannot stand my S1is and its low light misery any longer.

I would like opinions on which of the following to do for right now:

1. Get the Fuji s6000 for $300 plus the cost of an xd card ($30), and use it as long as possible, thus pushing off need for dSLR for a longer time. My concerns: will this camera take really great pictures in all types of conditions? I mostly take photos of my kids (need good camera for fast moving subjects!), indoors and outdoors... low light is a factor but only the low light that is normal to indoor photos, I don't do a lot of shooting in clubs/bars or really dim light

2. Stretch the budget and buy the 350d body ($400-500 depending on whether I go refurbished or new.. opinions on that, too, please) or the whole kit with the lens ($500-600 again depending on refurb or new)- I would not need to buy a CF card because I already have some from my s1is. Concern about this is pretty much that I will kick myself if nicer technology is even less expensive by the end of the year.) I have two lenses from my Canon rebels I can use if they are high enough quality for the digital rebels (again, opinions welcome), they are a Promaster 28-80 f3.5-5.6 and a Tamron 75-300mm f4-5.6.

3. Go what I consider to be "whole hog" and get the 400d, in which case I will REALLY kick myself if there is better tech for 200 less at end of year! Having said that, I would rather spend bigger $ than waste anything on the s6000 is I am not going to be happy with it. I just need advice from those much more knowledgeable than myself.

I already know I love the Rebel... I had 2 film based rebels and took WONDERFUL pics with them, and have used a friends XT for a portrait session for dd's dance class, and LOVED IT, pics came out great.... BUT if you who are in the know think I would really like the Fuji s6000, I am willing to give it a try. I just think I am scared of a P&S because I paid $450 for the S1is and then have hated it for 2 years! So either reassure me or level with me and tell me to suck it up and pay for whichever option you think would be best. The image quality, if it is a big difference, could trump the price, but I just want to know if it is a big difference of not and wanted to be clear that I am not in the "money is no object" category.

I truly appreciate all the help, this is a big decision for me because my photos are so important to me with my small children growing so fast, and also because at this season of our family life any purchase in the hundreds is a big deal.

Thank you sincerely,


Thank you!
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Just my thoughts here:

1) if you know you want a DSLR I think a P&S may not measure up no matter how advanced it is because it will not give you what you are seeking. You seem pretty excited about the XT/XTI and a P&S won't stack up.

2) really consider the differences between the 350d and 400d they aren't that much. If you plan on printing huge pictures that may be one thing but from one model to the next the operations will be similar.

3) when purchasing new technology it is best to base your purchase on what you see now and after you buy it don't look back. If you wait for something better you will never get to buy anything because technology is advancing in computers and photography fast. So it is important to get something that meets your needs now.

I bought a Nikon D50 after they discontinued it because it meets my needs and I got a great pricebeing thatit wasn't the latest and greatest. I am not trying to sell you on Nikon, just that if the XT will allow you to print the size pictures you like, use the lenses you have, and stay close to your budget it sounds like a winner to me.

It also sounds like your heart is trully set on the Rebel and as important as the pictures of your children will be in years to come I think it will satisfy you more than the advanced P&S.

Just my opinion, good luck!

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I read your post several times before I attempted to reply. However, even now, I'm unsure of how to answer your questions. I feel your angst, and can appreciate what you're going through. The underlying theme in all of your posts, to date, is cost. It seems (to me) that cost is the most important factor influencing your decision. Your fear of making a purchase, only to have something better come out shortly thereafter, and at a lower price, substantiates my belief.

You seem to have a strong need to possess a DSLR. Whether that is based on a true desire to upgrade your photographic abilities, or a status symbol thing, I cannot say for sure. You must have a DSLR, except that you cannot justify the expense. Yet, you would be willing to go "whole hog" and splurge for the 400D, even though you can't really afford it, and would be living in the constant fear that a better, less expensive model may come out after your purchase. And what if it did? Would your children criticize you? Would your friends make fun of you? Would I come along and post it all over the www?

And why stop at the 400D? Why not pick up a better cam, with 5 or 6 professional lenses? Why not spend $15-$20,000 on camera equipment? You have to know when to stop. You have to know what is enough.


The S6000FD is a very good camera. It is perhaps (IMHO) one of the best all-around P&S cameras around. Is it better than your S1? Yes. Is it better than a DSLR? No. Is it as good as a DSLR? No. Is it cheaper to purchase than a DSLR? Yes. Will this camera take really great pictures in all types of conditions? No. Will this camera take very good pictures in most types of conditions? Yes. Will a DSLR take really great pictures in all types of conditions? No. Will a DSLR take very good pictures in most types of conditions? Yes. Will a DSLR take better pictures than the S6000FD in most types of conditions? Yes and no...yes, assuming a good quality lens is used and the photographer knows how to take a good picture... Newer, better, and less expensive cameras will continue to be released by the manufacturers...waiting is not an acceptable option, because, as soon as you buy the latest and greatest, something better will come along, and you can do nothing to prevent it...you will also be missing numerous photo opportunities that can never be recovered.

Pros and cons...

You have kids...they're doing something really priceless...you'd love to have a video clip of it...you can't with a DSLR.

You have a wide angle to a moderate telephoto with the S6000FD, without having to change lenses or carry another lens. Your exising lenses do not offer a wide angle capability...buy another lens - more expense.


DSLR...doesn't really matter which one (surprised?).


I don't think you will ever be satisfied with anything else.

Just my opinion.

the Hun

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try looking on fuji s9600. i have this cam for a month now and im using it for school activitivties like junsen, graduation and recognition(my wife owns the school.lol).
one thing i like on this camera it gives clear pictures and has manual control. also good for external flash. i have kids 8 5 1 and it can take good picture when kids moving very fast.
-with external flash hot shoe
-fast shutter speed
-good picture at iso 800
-aperture 2.8 to 11
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