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I need help finding a inexpensive Digital Camera thats good all around. Some qualities hrm...

1) Fast Shutter speed for the little kids who cannot help but move when you tell them not too
2) A Good Optical Zoom
3) 6+ megapixels
4)good memory
5) AA batteries with the optional lithium as back-up?
6) Very good Image quality, mainly for family get togethers both outdoors (scenery like) and indoors ( parties etc..) and landscape

all somewhere within a $200-230 price range.

I've looked at the

Sony W70
Sony DSC-55
Samsung NV3
Canon A550

any other advice if possible please?

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I'm a little confused by your post, maybe that's why you haven't gotten any replies up until this point. I'm not criticizing here, just trying to understand what you're looking for.

One of your criteria is the ability to use AA's, but you listed 3 cameras that only use proprietary Lithium-Ion batteries. Also, you didn't state if there is a size requirement...no ultra-compact cameras use AA's, and few small compacts, either.

Criteria #2 is a 'good optical zoom'. Define good - 3x...4x...10x...12x?

Criteria #4 is 'good memory'. Define good. Most cameras come with very small or no memory cards at all. The internal memory that most cameras have is too small to take more than a couple of pictures. You will need to buy memory for your camera.

$200-$230 is not going to land you a really great digicam. Your criteria numbers 1 and 6 will likely be compromised. That may be OK for you. I don't know...I just want you to be prepared, so you're not disappointed.

Many people go out and buy an inexpensive, entry level digicam and then complain that it is terrible in low light, the flash is very weak, it takes forever to take a second picture, the picture quality is poor, the shutter lag is so slow that by the time the camera captures a picture, their subject is in the next county, etc.

Do you have to have a tiny camera?
Does your camera have to use AA's?
Is 3x zoom enough for your needs?
What is the single most important subject you will be photographing?

the Hun

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You might want to take look at the Panasonic LZ-7

AA batteries

SD Chips

6X optical zoom

small size

Built-in Lens Cover

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How about Samsung NV7 with 7xzoom.

Unfortunately the battery is not AA, instead it takes rechargeable battery 860mAh(SLB-0837)

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Also, the IQ on the NV-7 is poor, the controls are also confusing. Think very carefully about the NV-7 before purchasing. I know, I own one.

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