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Thinking of getting a new digital camera, not yet sure which one, but if I wanted to do close macro work, is there an adaptor enabling the lens to get closer than normal?



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the camera.
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Depends on what camera. Most DSLR's have in their lens lineup purpose built macro lenses which generally focus to an object/image ratio of 2/1 (theimage on the sensor is 1/2 the size of the actual object.) Many also have extension tubes which allow even larger magnifications. Most of the DLSR zoom lenses have a macro focus range so you will need to check the specs. to see if that is sufficient.

Non DSLR digicams (all the rest) which have non-interchangeable lenses can use axillary lenses known as close-up lenses if they will accept add on filters. These lenses are essentially magnifying lenses and are rated in diopters. +1 diopter is generally the weakest and they range up to +10. They are frequently sold in sets of +1 thru +3 lenses in a carrying case. I would be a little surprised if you actually needed the this capability as most of the current cameras in this class have good macro capabilities built in. My Kodak Z612 and my son's Kodak C533 will fill the width of the frame with a 2 3/4" wide object.

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