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I'm very new to this site and very new to the digital camera market. I'm in the market for a new Sony camera. I've definitely narrowed it down to 2 (the H9 or the T100). Now, I know that they are very very different from each other, but I'm hoping that maybe someone can help me decide which one I should get. Here are some points I should make so maybe someone canmore accuratelyhelp me. These points list what I need:


- Obviously, which one generally takes nicer overall photos?

- Which one is better at night, outdoors and outdoors at night?

-Does the T100 even come close to the H9 when it come to concerts, sporting events, action shots or nature shots?

- Is the H9 comparable to the T100 for ease of use and casual use?

- Are there any significant advantages that one camera has over the other (besides the zoom)?

-Keep in mind that I can't afford both.


I know that the T100 is very new and that the H9 isn't even out yet, but hopefully someone can help me out. I'm seriously torn between the two (most likely due to my lack of overall camera knowledge).

Thanks in advance
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I believe that the decision between the Sony H-9 and the T-100 models is a purely personal choice. To my way of thinking, the T-100 does NOT offer a wide angle, a long zoom, conversion lenses, or external flashes. For me, those are all limiting factors.

In contrast, the H-9 offers a long zoom, conversion lenses, (giving me wide angle and/or added zoom, as desired). It physical shape allows me to use a slave flash for greater (longer distance) flash range. All in all there is more cammera packaged in the H-9 than the T-100, at least for me.

Understandably, others might have different personal priorities, experience levels, and make a different personal choice.

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