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I have one of each. Several years ago, prior to going on vacation I picked up a Cannon SD500. I really like it for a number of reasons - size, great images, stiching, quick movies, size, size etc. It fits in my shirt pocket and goes everywhere.

On my last vacation to Alaska, I was just able to get a single image of a whale breeching, while everyone else was click, click, click, click, click .... Also, I had exceeded the camera (on landscape stiched shots I was not able to control the exposure thus I was getting banding), so I picked up a Pentax K100D (after a lot of research). I also like it very much, size, weight, lens combinations, etc.

Two different tools, for two different occasions, however I usually carry both. My last business trip back east, I left the Pentax at home - I just could not carry nor had room for everything - the Canon was perfect (plus they both use the SD memory cards).

The Canon has provided me with some GREAT images (Alaska's Inland Passage) - Images I have yet to exceed with the Pentax (- but, I have not been able to take the Pentax up to Alaska yet, either), so there is also the question - have I had equal opportunity with both cameras - NO.

My wife loves her Kodak P&S but mainly for the software since it is SIMPLE and it does only what she wants VERY EASILY.

Oh yes - on the response that someone asked about keeping the old cheap pentax lenses - Pentax has produces some of the worlds best lens - bar none - superior to Canon and Nikon. Do a bit of web searching on the issue. Just because they are old does not mean that they are not any good. Some of the older Pentax lenses are way beyond what is available today - from anyone.....
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romphotog wrote:
Stay away from Kodak P850/P712/P880 as they have too long shutter lag, problems with crashing, although they are cheaper than above.
I owned the P850 and it has about the same shutter lag as the Canon S1 that I also own. And it never crashed, nor have I read reports of crashes.

I don't normally consider Amazon reviews for any products that I buy. I prefer to read the specific camera review sites and the user fora. You tend to geta little more in-depth review and the information is generally vetted by the other users.

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