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There will never be an opitical stabilized, high ISO, RAW, full featured bridge, point and camera. There is too much money to be made in DSLR lenses. Of course the major camera companies could make an all in one with a slightly larger sensor, but getting a high price for the 'best glass" trumps those of us who only want to take good pictures without selling the house.
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All of what you said is true, but even beyond that it would be too expensive. There are non-DSLRs for $800. That's a lot of money to pay for a digicam. Plus 'full feature' is kind of a misnomer. No camera has ALL features. Even the DSLRs. They each have a subset of total features.

Now, if they made the camera with a sensor the size of a dslr - well, the camera would be the size of the DSLR. So, now you're paying $800 for a large camera the size of a DSLR and you have one fixed lens that covers a large focal length and is thus of poorer quality (heck, even the vaunted Nikon 18-200 is of poor quality when compared to other lenses with a more modest zoom range and it costs $1000).

I'd say the current crop of digicams is pretty darn good. But again, if a manufacturer put all the features in one camera - first off it would cost a fortune to buy and second they'd lose out on sales for many of their other digicams.

What exactly is it you're looking for that you feel a digicam cannot provide?
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