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If you're going to concentrate on landscape photography, Pentax offers a great selection of primes, many of which are considered the best out there- I own an old smc-Pentax 50mm f/1.4 and it's incredibly sharp on my K100D. There is a caveat however; Pentax lenses are not as widely available as Canon lenses. Many brick & mortar camera shops carry little or no Pentax gear; you'll most likely have to shop for lenses online or through the classifieds. Don't forget that Tamron and Sigma also make lenses for Pentax mount as well.

The weather sealing on the K10D may also be appropriate for your shooting. Do note that no weather-sealed lenses are out yet for the K10D; however, there should be a couple DA* lenses making its way to retail as soon as the end of April. In addition to weather-sealing, these DA* lenses will also have in-lens focusing motors for faster & quieter focusing.

I don't own the 16-45 lens, but many that do will say that it is much sharper than the kit lens. I do own the kit lens, and it is quite good; it's worth purchasing with the camera because it is very affordable. If you want higher quality lenses, Pentax's DA* 16-50mm f/2.8 lens will be arriving soon.

If softness is a concern with JPEGs made by the K10D, you could always up the sharpness setting in-camera. Most people obtain good results with +1 or +2. I personally prefer to shoot RAW to avoid any in-camera processing problems and for additional control over the quality.

If you're looking to change the viewfinder, I hear that Katzeye makes a split focusing screen for the K10D. A quick Google search shows a price of $95.
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Thanks Illuminati. I've been scouring the net and managed to find the K10D with a 16-45mm lens for £800. That's £200 less than I was looking at with the kit lens so I'm seriously considering that. I like the look of those focussing screens but I might be able to get by without one. I mean, I know how the 'rule of thirds' works so maybe the grid-lines aren't really necessary.

There is a slight rush here (not the best way to buy anything so expensive) as we're going to Corsica in 5 weeks time for our 10th anniversary and I'd really like a good camera for the trip.

I went to the shops yesterday and managed to get my hands on a K10D andI wasn't all that impressed with it's handling. I think I preferred the Nikon D80. Just for a laugh I also had a play with a D200 and was blown away. Absolutely perfect in the hand. It's a very expensive body though (for my budget at least) and I assume I'd not really get the best from a camera like that without an equally expensive lens. If I could find a D200 with a good lens for <£1200 I think I'd buy it. Having said that, would it not make more sense to maybe buy a lesser body, such as a D80 and spend more on the lens? The big problem with these Nikons is that they don't feature anti-shake or dust removal systems. However it seems the dust-removal systems don't work %100 so if I have to clean the screen for small pieces of dust I might as well clean the whole screen at the same time. As for anti-shake, well I won't be shooting sports or in particularly low light so I wonder just how important that feature is. Too many choices.

This is a minefield. If I was made of money then I'd just buy whatever, but this is a big purchase for us. Whatever body I do buy will also commit me for evermore to that lens system so it really matters.

All your views are very much appreciated folks, really.
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zorrofox wrote:
I have hands like shovels. The Nikon fared better and I gather the Pentax K10D is even larger and so presumably comfier too (it wasn't available in the shop when I visited).
Having bought the Pentax K10D sight unseen for what it is.... big or small not a MAJOR issue (I'm one of those med. people) .....

But that is something that really impressed me from first touch of the K10D... now this just feels (balances) like a real camera... thinking about old film SLR's, and even compared to (largest) orig Rebel 300D.
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