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Hi ive got a choice of 5 cameras and dont know what to choose can anyone help me decide..

Kodak Z612

Olympus SP-510

Fuji S5600

Kodak Z710

Or possibly Panasonic Lumix LZ7 (not sure about this one)

It would be great if anyone could help me...
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Other than the fact you are shopping for an ultra zoom camera, in the $300 and less price range (based on the models you've listed), I don't really know what your intended usage may be. I took the liberty of looking at some of your earlier posts, and see you overcame your dilemna regarding whether to purchase a DSLR or a P&S camera, and I commend you for your decision. Now you just have to decide on which one - isn't this fun?

Any of the cameras you've listed are capable of taking acceptable pictures. Some may be better than others under certain conditions. Some may have features which are more desirable to you.

All of the cameras you've listed have a 1/2.5" sensor, and a zoom range that begins around 35mm and goes up from 10x - 12x. Three use AA batteries, and two use Lithium-Ion.

Just to be a Hun, I'm going to add one more to your list for consideration...the Fuji S6000FD...sorry... The S6000 has a larger sensor (1/1.7"), has a wider angle lens (starts at 28mm and goes up 10.7x), is better in low light situations, has a higher resolution LCD, uses AA batteries, has Face Detection, has a more powerful flash, and has a manual zoom ring and manual focus ring (can zoom while taking video). On the downside, it is the most expensive (around $305 from reputable dealers) and is the largest and heaviest of the group. If not interested, you won't be hurting my feelings a bit - just thought it was worthy of consideration.

Good luck with your hunt.

the Hun
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Of the two Kodaks I'd suggest the Z612. Longer zoom, optical image stabilization and many more exposure options. Kodak will also start shipping an upgrade to the Z612 - the Z712. Main difference - two stops higher ISO but of course it will be a while before it's reviewed to see if they've been successful.

IS, in general is worth two stops in shutter speed IF YOU'RE SHOOTING STATIONARY SUBJECTS. Moving subjects, there's no substitute for higher shutter speeds and a larger sensor (higher ISO) yields an advantage there.

The Z612 works for me and offers a very good price/performance ratio but virtually every one of the current generation can take excellent photos.
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