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Hey guys - 1st post so be gentle!!!

I'm looking to upgrade my old Canon D60 for a newer model (want to keep to canon so I don't have to buy new lenses!)

I have a maximum limit of £1500 But am willing to spend less!

I do mainly weddings and portraits however recently it's been very quiet! Therefore the less money spent the better! Although I do realise you have to spend money for better quality!

Someone on a another forum said that I would have to trade in all my lenses for better ones if I wanted to go for something like a 5D? Is this the case? Can't tell you what they are excatly as I'm not at home!

So any ideas?!

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The Canon 5D uses a larger sensor. The D60, 20D, 30D, 350d (XT) and 400D XTi) all use a smaller sensor that has a 1.6 "crop factor". So field of view, for example, of a 100mm lens on your 60D looks equivalent to what a 160mm lens would give you on a 35mm camera. The 5D uses a "full frame" sensor, the same size as 35mm, so the field of view would be the same as 35mm film.

There are only a handfull of Canon EF-S lenses, which are designed for the smaller sensor size. If you have one of those, it wouldn't work effectively on the 5D. You would end up with dark corners, because the lens isn't designed to cover that large an image circle.

But more likely you have regular EF lenses which would work fine, but
cover a different focal length equivalent (with a wider angle of view) than you are used to.

Your best bet might be to consider a Canon 30D, instead. Or, maybe even the XTi, if you don't mind it's handling and ergonomics--but it's not really built to handle the same workload either. Your lenses and lighting will likely make a bigger difference in results for wedding and portrait work than the difference in these cameras. Though the 5D would obviously be a nice step up.
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Thanks for the advice - I probably will go for the 5D but - will check out exactly what lenses I have first to make sure they will work with it!

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Assuming for the moment that you do want to stick with Canon because you have lenses and flashguns etc.

I'm pretty sure that the D60 won't even mount the EF-S lenses, so you should be safe.

Of course as mentioned above the D60 has the 1.6 crop factor so you may be short on the telephoto end if you go with the 5D.

The 5D is probably the most popular camera amongst wedding photographers at the moment. It has good resolution, good low-light performance, good dynamic range - all courtesy of the large FF sensor.

Downsides - bit of a dust magnet so you need to clean the sensor from time to time. It can be unforgiving at the edges of the image if you don't have high-quality lenses, though due to the low-ish pixel density it's actually more forgiving at the centre.

It is perfectly possible to shoot weddings on a 30D or an XTI unless your customers are likely to demand very large prints however, and you may be better off with a 30D + EF-S 17-55 IS USM F2.8 (the sharpest zoom lens Canon make, and possibly the sharpest made by anyone), or the Tamron 17-55 f2.8.

Your budget doesn't allow you to buy any new lenses which the 5D may demand, butof course Canon L is not the only choice for the 5D, Tamron's 28-75 f2.8 is legendary for its excellent performance at a very reasonable price.

What lenses do you currently own?
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