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So I'm looking into purchasing a DSLR for airshow/aircraft photography. The biggest thing for me is going to be the lens I think, since I'll need 300mm miniumum from what I've read and know. So...with so many out there, which to chose? I want to stay reasonable, so that means for me hovering around $1000. If I go a little over that, that would be fine, but I'm not looking to blow the bank on this. It's just for me, I'm not a professional, I just want some nice pictures I can use on my computer and maybe print out.

It seems the Nikon D40's, Canon Rebels, Pentax, and Sony are all about my price range, and I'm seeing lenses that I could use with each of them. Some 'kits' on ebay seem pretty decent too, although I know you have to be a little wary with those sellers.

Any help from anyone? I did a search on here for airshows, much didn't come up. And I know that the lens issue is probably #1 for what I should chose, and it just seems like there is so much out there it can really make your head spin. Thanks!

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