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I want a full featured camera which will help me have control over the settings...however i do not want the bulk of a DSLR or Superzoom. Image quality should be very good. At the same time it should have a great auto mode where it will be used by family.

Budget - $300 - $400 (only camera)

Size - Compact around 250-300gms

How many megapixels - 8+ and i would like a large sensor size.

optical zoom - between 4x - 6x

manual controls? - very much, manual and priority modes, also white balance, focus, ISO

General Usage - Vacation Snaps, potraits, few socials occasions indoors.

prints size - mostly 4x6, 7x5 but a few upto A4 and 12x18

i like sony, canon, nikon. Heard panasonic is good (impressed by Leica Lens) but never tried. First choice - Nikon P5000, Canon G7, Panasonic LX2
would like to save money if the following will do - Sony W100, Fujifilm E900, Canon S80 which i am getting for $325

not must but i would prefer Wide Angle, IS, Color Accent/Swap(only Canon has), 16:9 option, optical viewfinder.

thanks in Advance

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The Nikon P5000 is an odd duck. It has a hot shoe, which you will eventually want. But it is a P&S with no aperture or shutter priority mode according to the dpreview specs. So you can use only dedicated flash units and don't have the full control or viewfinder you suggested you want.

The most competent of the cameras you listed is the Canon G7. You would need an aux lens to get wide angle though. It has excellent controls with physical access to most of what you might want to set rather than scrolling through menus. I have no idea what prompted them to drop raw on such an otherwise competent camera when everyone else seems to be moving toward offering raw.

The S80 has the wide angle you want and full controls. Too bad they dropped raw capability and there is no hot shoe or stabilization.

The LX2 doesn't have an optical finder and is noisy, but seems to fill most of your requirements.

I wouldn't buy based on beginner stuff like scene modes and color shifts. You will probably get into some type of image editing and you can go in any direction you want starting with a properly exposed color image.

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you right about scene modes and color shifts.

I liked the LX2 the most, but i am concerned about all the talk around its noise levels. Will i need the high ISOs beyond 200.

Second choice P5000 is most competent on paper but no concrete reviews so far. However, Nikon P5000 has aperture and shutter priority modes and a viewfinder as per Nikon and other sites. I think DPR missed a point there.

Third G7 is excellent but a bit expensive. S80 i really liked but for lack of image stabilization. Also it is a bit dated, but available for only $300. Fujifilm E900 is a similar case to S80 (no IS, dated, cheap $250) with full control and slight wide angle.

W100 i included only because i was happy with my P200 which was very good for its time.

I am still confused..Looking for help

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Hi Raghav

I have the Sony DSC-W100 and am more than happy with it, this is the only W series with manual and will produce good results at ISO 800, it only has 3x zoom 38-114mm but if you drop down to 5 or 3 megapixel and use smart zoom you can stretch a lot more out of it when nessesary, the W100 is currently out of production but you should be still able to find them if you are quick.

The new DSC-W200 according to imaging-resource.com will be released on the 31st of this month, no reviews on this yet, but you can download the manual from Sony.

On paper this newcamera looks great,but caution tells me to wait for the reviews,improvements over the W100: Image Stabilisation- 12 megapixel- 6400 ISO- Bracketing to name a few, we will see if Sony has pulled this off, if it can do a decent ISO 1600 it willgive the Fuji Fxx series something to think about, but as always the proof is in the pudding.
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Thanks for the help.

W100 caught my eye exactly for its manual control mode uncommon for a W series camera. I really wanted to know good iss this compared to the other choices I listed. the only issue is the lens range limited on both wide and tele. Any more on W100 would be welcome as i am getting it at a retailer but dont know for how long.

Any inputs on the other cameras listed would also be helpful.

Thanx in advance
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