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I need help in deciding which camera to buy. I thought I was set on the Canon S3, but after reading recent review and posts, I am not sure. I will be using the camera for mostly my kids sporting events, so I want a camera that can capture people in motion. I don't want to spend the money on a DSLR - I am just a mom that wants to have good pictures of their kids in actiion to use for scrapbooking, etc. I guess I would like to have a camera that can take pictures in low light and bad weather conditions. Should I stick with the Canon or are there better options. Thanks in advance for the help

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Canon S3 is a good camera that will probably meet your needs. There are others on the market (Panasonic FZ7 is comparable to the S3 -- better in some ways, not so good in others, but generally cheaper). In fact from you what you said about your needs you probably will have a bad time making a bad decision. Just try to make sure you handle the camera in the store before purchase, and buy it somewhere you can return it if you don't like it as much as you thought you would -- many stores offer 14 days. Take it home and use it and use it -- that will be the final test...

Low light and bad weather? Depends on just how low the light is, and how bad the weather is. Sorry but without more information it's hard to get more specific...
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I would rank cameras for low light ability in the following order:

Fujifilm S6500FD (S6000FD)
Sony H5
Sony H2
Canon S3IS
Panasonic FZ50

You should consider the Fuji. It should be a bit cheaper than the S3. It uses a larger than average sensor, image quality at high ISO's is much better than the competitionallowing you to takelow light images using a faster shutter speed, has RAW capability, face detection, manual zoom lens.
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meg, first off....I'm a prejudiced Fuji s6000fd owner and I haven't used any of its current competitors. I purchased the Fuji in February and have taken nearly 8000 shots with it. One of my biggest needs was for a camera that would get acceptable shots of high school soccer at night...a real challenge for any camera. Members of this forum suggested the Fuji to me, and I have been more than grateful.

The Fuji's low-light performance is outstanding, but it also takes good family pics, nature shots, and macros. Other real advantages are manual zoom and terrific battery performance. If you'd like to see some samples of shots taken with it in real-world conditions, my photo sharing site is:


I should note that I have added a 1.7X teleconverter that I have used on the more recent soccer and wildlife photos.

Negatives on the Fuji are lack of image stabilization, its size, and use of xD memory cards.

All of the cameras in this class are high quality. I favor the Fuji, but there are just as many photographers on this site who like the others equally.
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You might want to check out the Kodak Z612. For a woman's smaller hands, the size if the Z612 is very convenient.The small weight makes it veryeasy to carry around.It takes excellent photos - color and clarity. The price is also significantly lower than competitors.

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