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Didn't see the title of the topic. Sorry. :?
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Casio Ex-V7 hmmm I do not know if it's me , or the camera?

it fits in your pocket like a dream, but weights like "hey I knew I left something behind.

Overloaded with features.

while filming white objects are not best, nore midnight shots with lighting, that can mean: street lights, fireworks, it is like a Kapt'n kirk is beaming down, CCD smear? It may have not the sharpest video but grainulation is present on some most or all?

While in motion you in a car it will not focus at night but at day it is better, that is a setting issue , ifyou ask me?

Pictures 36 best shots and not using a tripod of fireworks 2 out of 20 were perfect?

pic on a barrel of impatience, pet. close up, machro to the sun or whatever, I need to take 5 shots to choose from, ndstilsomething seams not right?

If it is my eyes, or the camera I'll just go out right now and snap with an older model olympus, my hybrid the mpvr, and my casio, but always posting up online they all seem good, never said perfect

Click on the pics you'll get a fullsize

Here is the casio setting on easy mode iso 200 f3.4 1/80 7 meg finehistogram shows a good center high. the fence is a good color honey, the deck is a worn color and the barrel just fine, but the red is too powerful, and the white washed.

the Olmpus 2 meg hq unknown to me the fence the wood the flower shows a greater detail, the white in the flower seems powerful now and the reds more depth,

here is the Aiptek mpvr it isbright and seemsa lil too much colors are somehow not there?

here is another aiptek Is-DV the colors are between washed out in the white and just enough uph on the red

I believe my Olympus d490 wins hands down the oldest model of these four LMAO

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"

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I'm glad that Canon used the very high quality mjpeg codec.

Uncompressed video with large file sizes = quality.

I edit my videos using Premiere with a mjpeg codec installed. They come out great for the web or DVDs.

My big sony vx-2000 3ccd video camera gathers dust most of the time since the video on the S3 is so good.

I sold the S3 and have an S5 with 430ex flash on the way.
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prewarguy wrote:
A few of the Kodak cameras zoom while taking a video. The C875 is one . Ibelieve the new Z712 is another and there are more as well. They have the advantage over Canon that they compress much more than the canon. Typically one gets 30 minutes of video per gigabyte rather than 8 minutes for the canon

I bought the kodak z 612 as it advertised zoom whilst taking a vdeo but the function is worse than useless. It does zoom during video but the picture blurs and sound distorts making the function unusable. I complained to Kodak about this and they seemed to think this was normal for digital still cameras with video function.

If you don't use thezoom the video quality is good andit uses mpeg 4. 12x zoom and image stabilisation is a bonus and it does take decent quality stills.

Another down side though, isyou can't get hold of the Kodak klic 8000 batteries for love nor money even from Kodak....

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