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I have to choose between these two cameras. They are priced about the same. Whcih should I get?? which would you get??

I don't much about camera's, just trying to get the most bang for my buck.

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I am not familiar with the Samsung. But I am now using the Z612 of Kodak. Am very happy with the camera. You might want to do a search on other forums on this camera. You will notice that those using the camera now are very happy with it.
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For my money the Z612 is more bang for the buck. I'm a Z612 owner but s1000 is so dissimilar to the Z612 it wouldn't have been on my short list. In 35mm equivalents the Z612 lens is 36mm-420mm; the S1000's 35mm-105mm is not in the same league. The 612's lens is faster ([email protected] vs [email protected]). At 105mm the 612 has only slowed to about f3. The Z612 has optical image stabilization making the long telephoto focal lengths practical without a tripod.

While it is the subject of debate I don't think the 10MP sensor of the S1000 offers any practical photographic benefits over the 6MP sensor of the Z612 given that they are both small P&S sensors. 10MP is simply advertising fluff for the uninitiated.

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