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vIZnquest wrote:
Hayward wrote:
Then again just picked up a 18-55mm Pentax kit lens for a bargain.... off Ebay.....

And pleasant surprise even with my 0.45x WA front lens on it bringing it down to near 9 mm.... sure curved (as the kit les itself is at 18mm) but still far from fish eye and for landscape/non staight perpedicular line things even with the WA, just fine really for $30 cost vs $300+..
This is a post by someone that is a realtor. Someone that is making a living asking this question. I don't think the work around you suggest will suffice for the general audience that want to look at pictures of their new prospective home.

Work arounds to save money is cool but I don't think that this is one that would be in this persons best interest.

I agree, despite the fact that on occasion a wide or tele con may be useful. Truthfully I have a 1.4 Telecon but with the wide range of zoom lenses I have and some decent primes,I see little need for it except to max out some of my longer lenses. Yeah... in a pinch you can carry one in a pocket, but I believe in being prepared and carrying the right stuff when practical. I felt differently back in the days of film because I only shot with bright primes and telecons were a quick and dirty way to double the range. Back then, I wouldn't go near a zoom though sometimes I wish I had.
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You may not really need either an SLR or a WA.

Stitching programs have gotten much better, and I would be surprised if your needs could not be met by any digital camera that does not overly compress the images (as does the unfortunate wideangle Kodak V-705) and the free AutoStitch program (which will take only a few seconds to make a quite decent mosaic/panoramic) if you take a little care when making the images.

The resulting wide field of view allows for cropping as desired - no need really for the in-camera close framing of an SLR.

In my youth I hauled a 4x5 view camera around - along with a 35mm (or 2) and 20 pounds of gear for 'spontaneous' pictures, that would not wait for the 4x5 to be set up. Now I stick a digital P&S in my pocket and still take professional quality pictures.
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