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Hello, I am looking for a camera to do the following can you recommend one, if there is such one. Thanks Kim

- want one thatI can keep shooting really fast, over and over (example if my son was playing a gameI can keep getting him , like making a basket).

-One if the kids are moving and running aroundit would not blur when the photo is taken.

-small, convenient size, not professional use at all, nothing bulky.

-Max $200.00

- I only need to enlarge to 8x10. usually only print 4x6, usually use med or high res, really never email. maybe min of 4 m. Just want the feature of blowing up to a 8x10 if needed.

-perfer large zoom to capture sports up close if possible.

-can take additonal memory card so i can hold a bunch of photos if i am on vacation.

-prefer regular batteries like AA , not camera batteries, not a big concern.

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No camera will meet all of your requirements. You will have to make trade-offs.

To meet all of your photographic requirements fully you'll need a DSLR.That probably exceed you budget by $600 when you get a suitable lens and it certainly won't be compact.

A super-zoom consumer type cameras will have a suitable lens and be a bit more compact than the DSLRs (but NOT compact.) They will also be a little closer to your budget. However, in general they will not be able to shoot as fast as a DLSRnor have the low light capability of a DSLR.

Compact cameras, while easily obtained within your budget will not have enough of a telephoto capability to be satisfactory for kid's soccer games. They will also, generally have less low light capability and be slower.

Many people taking similar types of photos speak highly of the Fuji Finepix S6000fd super-zoom class camera. I don't know if it is within your budget and it's not compact. The best price/performance ratio amongst the super-zooms is the Kodak Z612 which is little smaller than the Fuji and should be available on-line for $220-$230 online. It's a very capable camera but night sports are not what it's best suite. Both cameras have been reviewed by Steve and are on his Best Cameras list.

Among the smaller cameras the Kodak C875 might come as close as any because it has a longer telephoto lens than most in its class. I do like a camera to have an optical viewfinder and it doesn't have one. Again,within any price/class range Fujis typically have the reputation for very good low light capability.

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Don't miss the Kodaks. The c875 is very good. Got high marks from Consumer ReportsShopping around you might find it for $150. Another is the Z885 which is similar to the C875 and is due out this month. The somewhat Z612 is being discontinued but can be had for $210 - $230.

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