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I am looking at buying a camera for my son's graduation (I have an S1 IS).

It's a toss-up between the A710is or the A570is. My son does like to do some filming with my S1, so this is a factor for me (and him). Price is also a factor.

My understanding is that you cannot zoom during filming with the A570is. (I believe this is due to the noise of the zoom motor being caught on audio.)

Does the A710is have this same limitation? Steve's review of the A710isis silent on this point.

Thank you,


PS Any other thoughts on the beauty context between the A710is & A570is are welcome.

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You can't use the optical zoom during video recording with the A710 either. The S3 is the only current Canon model without this limitation. However, you can use the digital zoom and the digital zoom does not have the same negative quality impact for videos as it has for still photos. On the other hand, if one wants to convert the huge Canon videos to DivX later, zooming has a very negative impact on compression. Thus one should really avoid it.
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OK, I just went over to the local Black's Camera and checked out the A720 IS and it does Zoom while making movies, but only digital 4X.
That is some little camera with the 6X Zoom, optical IS, Digic III processor, and full manual control. The reviews I've read also state that it has better low-light performance than it's siblings.
I've decided to sell my A560 and will buy this cam. I'm misssing too many shots with A560 because of the lack of IS in low light situations.

*edit: yep, got one
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