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Just returned from holiday to find Canon has *at last* announced the new S5is that I had been waiting for........but so far those who seem to be 'in the know' have been a bit underwhelmed by the specs.

So here's my dilemma...

On holiday I used my 3-yr-old 4mp Canon Ixus 430, and my dad's old Olympus OM10 and his new Sony Alpha100 dslr.

I had some great shots from the Canon, in manual mode, but I yearn for a bit more detail, speedand control - and the 4mp just doesn't seem enough quality-wise when you compare the images with newer cameras.

I loved playing with the Oly - learning about apertures etc - was a great size and not too heavy, and the 35mm lens has produced some lovely pics. If any of the new small dslrs are a similar size/weight I'd jump at one.

The Sony produced some lovely results, but I have VERY small hands and it was far too big and heavy for me.

So.........I've whittled my choice down to 3 cams - the Canon G7, the Sony H9 and the Canon S3/5 is. I know the G7 is a different beast to the superzooms, but hear me out...

What is important to me is - image quality, speed, portability and control.

I would have bought the G7 'hands down' before the holiday (the superzoom would be nice but image quality and speed are more important) but I heard the speed wasn't as impressive as the S3...

What would forum readers go for - they all seem to be at a similar price point at the moment on-line.
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On the speed issue I'm troubled by people depending on what they hear. Go to the real reviews: http://www.steves-digicams.com/hardware_reviews.htmland http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/

That said comparing the speed perfomance of the S3 to the G7 looks each have advantages and disadvatages, depending on the specific factor being measured. You need see which are the important speed factors for your use.

Have you compared the size of the Nikon D40* and the Pentax K100DSLRS to the OM1?
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i know their isn't a proper expert review of the Sony H9 yet, but from the user review in the Sony forums I've been pleasantly surprised, especially at the image quality at the various ISO's. See here:


I think that this ISO image quality shows better than the G7 and the S3 IS, even at a max of ISO3200.

And it has a pretty fast lens as well with a fabulous range (2.7 to 4.5 at an excellent wide angle of 31 all the way to 465. More range than the G7 or S3), and shutter speed ranging from 30 seconds to 1/4000 seconds. Has IS as well.

I think this would be an excellent bet for low light imagery and sports photos.

Check out the user reviews in the Sony forums posted by nickphoto123. Each post begins with the words : "My H9 'real life user review' .... "


If what I've read about this camera so far is true, it may take over the no.1 position for best all round prosumer camera.
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