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Hello all,

I can pick up this package for $849.00CAD+taxes, I'm very new to the DSLR market.My main question is has this packagecome together as a result of toomany products being tooclosely priced? is the 50-200 lense worth jumping onto this package.I have been doing my research and seem to be at a cross roads. My girlfriend is an active birder and has the canon powershot s3 is. So I'm thinkingI should save a bit more and move into the 10meg range as she would be using my camera also. Cosidering these other ones also.

Pentax K10d

Nikon D80

Nikon D40x

Tanks in advance for your input.


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I just got the Pentax K100D with the 18-55 lens for 535.00 If you want this camera I'd get the body for around 475 and wait for the Tamron 18-250 lens that will be out in a few weeks.{maybe 3} I just love the pictures my K100 takes with the 18-55. and the anti-shake it wonderful withmy 70-300 lenszoomed in. I think its the best camera of the ones you listed or the K10,, they can use all pentax lensesand thatsa treat.
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Take a look at the Pentax DSLR tread, below. You will find many happy and helpfulPentax DSLR owners. K100d is a great camera and best value for the money. K10D is a significant step up, not so much in picture quality, but in manual controls, weather seal, and size/weight. With the built in image stabilization (SR in Pentax language) there is nothingthat comes close to either of these cameras from any other manufacturer. The ultra zooms, like S3, are not in the same league. The DA 50 200 is an excellent lens, sharp and relatively fast, and is a bargain. I've recommended this set up, together withthe kit lens, to two friends. Both loved them.

Good luck.
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Here's something to consider. The Pentax K100D uses a pentamirror, instead of a pentaprism. If you'll be doing a lot of birding, you'll be using a long lens, and dSLRs thatusea pentaprism have brighter viewfinders.

So you might be happier with a K10D or a D80 (the D40X uses a pentamirror also.) Another choice that includes a pentaprism and Anti-Shake in the body is the Sony Alpha-100, and if you're serious, you'll have all those Carl Zeiss lenses to choose from as well.
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I'm in Regina and I picked up the 2 lens kit for that price. I love the body and the DA 50-200. Both are excellent. My copy of the kit lens does not perform to my expectations so I dumped it in favor of the 16-45/4 and now I'm extremely happy.

I will also suggest you check out the viewfinders of the K10D and K100D. I can't tell much difference. There are lots of good reasons to chose the K10D over the K100D but the difference in viewfinders is almost non existant, from what I can tell.

I wouldn't be too impressed by the extra megapixels, either. The K10D definitely has more detail capability in good light conditions but it takes some extremely critical A/B comparisons at full resolution to really tell.

The K100D camera is better in lower light or with slower lenses. It has an extra stop, or so, of sensitivity over the K10D.

My biggest knock against the K100D is the buffering speed. It can only shoot 3 RAW frames (5 JPEG) before waiting to spool to the card. It used to be a real pain until I picked up some fast cards. With a fast card, it's fine for my uses but the K100D is no speed demon.
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I have both the K10 and the K100 and use both regularly. I've taken lots of good bird pictures with the K100, though this is one of the fewtimes where I appreciate the extra mp of the K10. Otherwise, in my opinion, both cameras have similar image quality. The K100 has several advantages - it's lighter so easier to carry hiking, and it has less noise at 1600 ISO. The K10 has more options for control, which can be a double edged sword - if you know what you are doing it can be "fine-tuned" far more easily. However, its also easier to get things out of whack. I sometimes find I fiddle with it more than with the K100 (not necessarily a good thing).

I love my kit lens (the 18-55), it's an excellent value for the what little they charge for it. I'm not as thrilled with my own DA 50-200. However, I think mine has a problem now, because I had really liked it when I got it. It seems I'm about the only person I know who isn't delighted with this lens, though.

I think if I were looking at the Nikon line, I'd choose the D80 over the D40X, or (more likely) choose the D40 because of its light weight and because I really like the 6 mp sensor (one of the reasons I use the K100 quite often). But I'm a happy Pentaxian and have no desire to change camera systems.
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