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I am new to dslr's, although i have been in photography w/ advanced point and shoots "i never experienced a manual mode yet". Im expecting to learn alot, and i know i iwll have to. I enjoy photography as a hobby, although i also developed it into a business. I take pictures of famous speakers on a podium, using 8X magnification on my point and shoot camera. I looked at zoom lenses that reach that amount but they are VERY expensive. So ijust started thikning of just buying a 8X prime lens. The reason im using 8X and not mm is b/c i dont understand how to use the mm measurments, and dont even bother trying to explain it, b/c i cant get it, yet. SO, which camera would be the highest quality, that i could buy w/ 2 average lenses for my hobby, and a 8X prime lens for uder 800$, if its possible
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A bit of basic education:

A Zoom lens can change it's focal length to give a different view of the scene without moving.

A Prime lens is a fixed focal length.

8X refers to the ratio between the shortest and longest focal lengths on a zoom lens so an 8X prime lens is impossible. Zoom ratios don't really mean much to DSLR lenses as they can be different focal lengths for different purposes. A 10 to 20mm zoom is only 2X but is considered an ultrawide lens and serves a completely different purpose from a 4.3X - 70 to 300mm which is very telephoto.

http://www.tamron.com/lenses/learnin...comparison.php is a quick primer on what the various focal lengths can do.

Being a Nikon bigot I would recommend a Nikon D40 DSLR BODY with the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G ED II and NikonAF-S NIK DX 55-200MM F4-5.6 G ED or NikonAF-S ZM NIK DX VR 55-200MM F4.5-5.6 for starters. Overall you would get 11.1X zoom with the two lenses ( 200 / 18 ) so you can see how meaningless this X business is!
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Hi Arfi

Geeez where to begin???

The problem here is "8X magnification" isn't very helpful.

Fist off you probable mean an 8X zoom ratio. And in either case we would have to know 8x what? These X factors are great for marketing, but not really useful in practical application. You would do better to tell us how far away you will be shooting from.

Second I'm not sure of your use off "Prime lens" Prime lens usual refers to a lens of a fixed focal length (ie. Doesn't zoom)

Having said all that the D40 kit lens and a telephoto zoom say the AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED will probable have you covered
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You may want to check out the Canon online tutorial on the Canon Rebel XT. It has some good explanations on SLR lenses. manual modes, settings, flash, etc. You can also apply the techniques and theory to the D40.

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