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I can speak for Pentax and Nikon dSLR camera systems as I am the mad fool who has both.

I have a fair amount of lenses for both systems as well and for any of the higher end glass I will just have to rent them.

Both systems are good but not at everything. I won't go into detail here about my findings because it is not the same for everyone as far as photographic interests.

Everyone has different reasons, needs, wants in photography. Also, it can change into other avenues as one gets further along.

dSLR camera bodies will not have a long shelf life as film did. Lenses are the investment. Each make has incredible lenses and some for a premium price. There are gems out there in the older glass but it is becoming scarce and the prices have gone up as more people are doing as you are.

The camera needs to feel right for you in your hands. The controls easy for you to use. The glass you choose is up to you for what you can or will afford and the needs it will fulfill.

Your choice of file format in shooting will be decided mainly by you just trying it and seeing what works best for you.

Hayward is nota Pentax rep. Just pleased and impressed with his K10D and happy he made the decision to go with that system.

My most recent shot with the Nikon D40 and 18mm - 200mm VR II.

My pup and myphoto shooting buddys daughter. Those two are like best friends when they get together.

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I love my nikons and I just dont think that Canon or anyone else can match thier quality for the same money.
I think this is probably the statement that Gozinta was reacting to; but for the lenses TexasHillbilly is actually talking about (the 18-135 and 18-200VR), I think it's probably true.

Nikon also has pro level f2.8 glass that competes well with Canon, generally at prices $1200 and up. And they have alot of good-for-the-money offerings on the low end. Their kit lenses are nearly always very good for the price. Where I think they may be lacking some is in affordable bright zoom lenses in the mid range. Not much there in the $500-$1200 range for zoom lenses that average f4 or better; so nothing directly comparable to the f4 L lenses from Canon or the f2.8-3.5 lenses in that range from Olympus/Panasonic. But, that's really not too serious a handicap as some of the third party offerings in that range are good alternatives if you want the brighter glass. And they do also have some cheaper f3.5-4.5 lenses that are pretty good, but more in the good-for-the-price class.

But their recent longer zooms in that intermediate range have been very good. And nobody else quite matches them. On a budget, that 18-135 is very tempting. Build is good for the price. Optically it's very good for what it is. It does suffer at some appertures or focal lengths from distortion, vignetting, CA, flare or in corner sharpness. Some of this is difficult to avoid in any long zoom. But it's surprisingly sharp throughout, even wide open. Wide open isn't that bright, f5 or worse from about 50mm up, but again that's unavoidable if you want a lightweight walkaround lens suitable for hand held shooting. The 18-200VR is similarly sharp (as demonstrated by vIZnquest above) and even better overall (also pricier). The 70-300VR is another winner (a bit soft past 200mm).

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Excellent comments, Ken-

The new Nikor 55-200mmVR at around $230 is another excellent lens and a real bargain for it's cost. It compares very favorably with the Nikkor 18-200mmVR lens IQ-wise. I own and use both lenses and have really come to prefer the smaller physical size of the Nikkor 55-200mmVR lens.

Here is a no flash,hand held,high ISO shot with the Nikkor 55-200mmVR at a distance of about 30-35 feet.

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