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I have only recently discovered a passion for digital photography, am completely self-taught at this point (but greatly inspired by the photography work I see around me), and am interested in moving to the next level with a better camera. I started with a serious pocket-camera (Exilm) that my husband got me for taking pictures on vacation – and I love what came out of my camera so much, I feel that I need a better one if I'm going to start taking pictures for a living. The quality of my pictures is great, but I now see the weaknesses of my camera:

- the zoom sucks (only 3x before you have to go to digital zoom, and I like to take a lot of voyeuristic "street" shots where I don't want to be right up on people)
- I wish I had a faster shutter and more repetitive shots on the "quick" mode (I love to catch action shots, and my camera will only snap 3 times in succession and not nearly as fast as a film camera might snap)
- I wish I had better control over where my focus is (being able to blur the close-up in favor of a sharp focus far away, or blur things in the distance for a good close-up macro shot)

However, when I look at the cameras on the market with better zoom, etc. they are huge. One of the things I love about my camera is the fact that it's so teeny I can put it in my purse or pocket and have it with me everywhere, in case something fabulous comes up. I don't have to attach a lot of extra lenses, and I can be inconspicuous when taking my "people" shots and not get in the way of the action (something Helen Levitt said she loved about her compact camera in the 30's when she was photographing kids playing on NYC streets). Do you have any thoughts about a good digital camera that meets all these requirements? I appreciate any advice you can offer!
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You might take a look at the Canon G7 and A710IS. They offer full manual controls, 6x zoom and are still reasonably compact. I happen to have chosen the 710 for the AA batts.
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