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First off: Thank you Steve and members, for a great web site.

I need a camera that will be the primary video and still camera on an ROV I am designing. The camera will be housed on a servo tilt mount behind a curved 1 ½" cast acrylic view port. The camera will be connected to a computer also on the ROV with firewire or USB. And the computer on the ROV will be connected via fibber, and remotely controlled by a computer on the surface. I plan to use off-the-shelf software on the ROV computer to control the shutter and zoom and other camera features as needed. In addition to 150+ watts of forward facing halogen lights, the ROV will also be able to carry fixed strobe lights about 1 foot out on either side of the camera view port and they can if needed rotate with tilt of the camera if needed. I can also power the camera from the ROV's DC power system so a camera that has a DC in port would be best. In addition to taking still images, I need to use the video out from the camera for navigation and also would like to record this video using a digitizer external from the camera. If possible I would like to record "Full D1" or 720x480 at 30 fps for NTSC from the video feed. There will be other analog video cameras on the ROV so I will use a dedicated video capture unit to capture the camera feed.

Below are the questions that I have. I am not a photographer so there are likely lots of things I have not considered. Please feel free to make suggestions.

1) I have not seen any reviews that list the resolution of the video out port, but I need 720x480 for the Full D1 compression to be at its best. What is commonly the resolution of this feed?
2) I plan to machine and polish the curved acrylic view port myself. Will the optical distortion be something that an armature would notice?
3) Can Auto-Power-Off features always be disabled, or is this something I should ask about?
4) How many degrees can the camera tilt before the strobes need to tilt along with the camera?
5) Recommendations for strobes? They do not need to be in housings, I will build those.
6) Any recommendations on a specific control software camera combination?

Doug Jackson
Tulsa OK
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