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Is there a digital camera on the marketwith a 28-150 telephoto auto focus lens built in? My husband in contemplating purchasing the Sony Alpha A-100 camera so that he can use his Minolta lens with it. However, it would be much nicer to have a digital camera with the lens already built in if there is one available on the market?

Happy to have found this website...appreciate and thank you for your help.

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There are quite a few:

Fujifilm FinePix S6000fd and S9100 (both 28-300mm), Olympus SP-550 UZ (28-504mm), Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 (28-280mm).

That's probably not a complete list.

If your husband has a Minolta 28-150mm that he wants to reuse on the Sony SLR, he won't get the same viewing perspective that he got on a 35mm film camera. Except for a few full-frame models, digital SLR's introduce a "magnification factor" that increases the apparent focal length of the lens. The Sony has a "mf" of 1.5x, so on that camera your husband's lens would show a similar view that a 42-225mm lens would on a 35mm film camera. If he wants the same view with the Sony -- or any other digital SLR with a 1.5x mf -- he would need a 18-100mm lens.

Also, if your husband wants the performance of a D-SLR, he won't get it from a camera with a built-in lens. So, there are other things to consider besides just the lens.

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Welldigicams will always be a step down for image quality, speed etc compared to dslrs, but there are several cameras that may interest you.

Ricoh, have several pocket sized digicams in the range 28mm-200mm, R6, R5, R4 and 28mm - 160mm, R30 and R40

Fuji have severalmodels styled as small slrs in the range 28mm-300mm to choose from, FinePix S9100 , FinePix S6000fd

And Panasonic have the TZ2 and TZ3, 28mm-280mm
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Adding one more the list which is a close match - the Kodak P880 - 24mm-140mm equiv.
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