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My mother doesn't take to electronics and complex devices in general.

Even with that in mind, she could get some use out of a digital camera.

I'm looking for a digital camera that has very simple controls. I know she could simply take any camera and leave it on auto. But in her case the more controls, the more she will be intimidated and the more likely she'll press a wrong button. Normally that would be easy since the cheaper cameras tend to have less features and to a degree less features means less buttons.

But she would also benefit from a big LCD Display. Basically we can review pictures with her and delete the ones she doesn't want. Then take the SD card for developing or e-mail to the rest of the family.

Anyone know where we can get a big LCD display but an otherwise simple to operate camera?

I found the Vivitar 5160s to be close to what I want.

Is there anything else that comes to mind?
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Personal opinion but what she wants is a Kodak C533. Simple to operate. good picture quality, $95-$110 price range. Gave one to my son for Christmas had he has enjoyed the camera.

Note: The C533 is on Steve Best Camera listin both the 5 MP class and the Entry Level class: http://www.steves-digicams.com/best_cameras.htmand quite frankly I don't think any Vivitars are going to make that list.
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Oh boy, a couple of weeks ago you could get the Fuji F650 for $99, and also a $30 rebate form floating around on the internet. It's a good P&S, and has a huge 3" LCD. I bought one for my fiancee and she really likes it.

Perhaps that type of deal will reappear soon...
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