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Looking for some opinions on choosing my next camera. I am stuck between the Canon EOS 30D and the Nikon D80. The 30D is well reviewed as in the D80. I'd give the edge to the D80 from my readings. However, Canon has outstanding glass which is a major factor as well. I've been holding on to see if Canon releases a 40D or the upgrade to the 30D. I am getting married in August and want something aside from my 4MP Lumix to take to Cancun. One important consideration is that the camera have a good auto mode or series of presets if you will so my new bride or anyone else who's a true newbie can pickup the camera, point and shoot without frustration. I'd go for the D200 but those modes went bye bye from what I've read.

Anywho, I've been luring here and on another forum for a while and would like some opinions please.

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Rumors have it-

That the Canon 40D will be announced in August and be available to the public sometime this Fall, right in time for the Christmas market. I know that does not help much, but that is how it looks to be shaping up.

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Thanks. I've read somewhere in the area of August 27th give or take.
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Here's a question for you:

What are the features lacking in the 30D or D80 that you are waiting for? Will any of them make any real difference to you?

If you can't think of anything then just take advantage of the fact that they are now mature cameras and their prices have come down since launch.

As to the rumours - forget it. No-one has the faintest clue what Canon are going to announce and when. If you need convincing of that then read the DPReview threads leading up to this year's PMA. There was going to be a 5D replacement, there was going to be a 1DsMkII replacement, there was going to be a 30D replacement. Eventually these cameras will all be replaced, but no-one who knows is allowed to say.

Even assuming that the rumours are true, that date would be an announcement date not a date where the camera is actually available in the shop. The 1DsMkIII was announced 3 months ago and is only now starting to ship.

Also keep in mind that the last thing your bride is going to want you to do on your honeymoon is learning how to use a new camera. Much better to do that learning before you go, otherwise you might find out how solid they can be when swung by the strap upside your head.
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IMO the most compelling argument for getting a camera now rather than waiting is the learning curve for a new camera. But here's another one - think of all the outstanding photographs you can be taking right now with your better camera. If you wait for Canon to come out with something new, then Nikon will announce a new camera with more bells and whistles.

As far as which one - go to a camera store and handle whatever cameras you are considering. Are the controls easy for you to reach? Does the camera feel too small in your hand, or too heavy to carry for any length of time? Those are extremely important questions - when I was buying a dSLR for the first time, I went into the store planning on buyinga Canon because it had such great reviews. I handled the Canon and Nikon, then picked up a Pentax just because it was going to be cheaper for me in the short run. After playing withall threefor a while I walked out with the Pentax and have no regrets at all - its comfortable for me tocarry andhas indeed cost me significantly less than if I had bought either the Canon or Nikon. Any of the three are capable of taking outstanding pictures.

So get over to the camera store and buy your camera sooner, rather than later.
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