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Any opinions on which of these is the better camera? None of the retailers in my area carry the S6000 so I can't physically see it before I buy it. I like the idea of the manual zoom but hate to buy something sight unseen. Where is a good place to buy online that has easy returns if you decide you don't like it? I have an S5200 at the moment but it has broken and I am trying to decide which one to replace it with. Any help is much appreciated!!
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I haven't seen the S700. I have seen and handled the S6000fd. I think the latter has more features. I am almost sure it will be much better at low light pictures. I think its sensor is bigger. I have the S5200. It's a nice little superzoom. The S700 has, I heard, not a super CCD sensor, but a "normal" sensor, which to me means that it won't be as good at high ISO's. I would pick the S6000fd.
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I think I'd go for the S6000fd. Fora fewbucks more than the S700, I think you'd be getting a much better camera. The manual zoom 28-300mm lens is fantastic - it's the sameone as on the more expensive S9100.Manual-zoom lenses also operate faster andmore precisely than power-zooms, giving you more control over the final result. Of course, the only way to know which one is best for you is to actually try them for yourself.
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Antoher vote for the S6000. Ass Robbo has said, the S700 has a "conventional" sensor - not the Super CCD used in Fuji's better cameras. The S6000 is larger, but is a more capable and quality camera.
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Although it does not feature IS, the Fuji S-6000 is a very capable camera. It is particularly lauded for it high ISO photo capabilities. It incorporated the imager from the remarkable Fuji F-30 and matches it with the zoom lens from the Fuji S-9000/9500 family.

The zoom is manually controlled and it is very responsive and precise. The S-6000 has received very good reviews and hundreds of very positive user reports. It is a camera that rightly deserves your attention.

Some folks are a bit concerned about the fact that, with its inherently excellent high ISO capabilities, thatthe S-6000will not be very good outdoors. They need not be concerned, as the Fuji S-6000 does just as well out of doors. In fact, I will attach an outdoor photo to this post for your reference.

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