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I have always liked photography, but recently got to use a Fuji Finepix s2 with a good zoom lense. Not sure what kind, it was long(not telephoto) and it was a sigma. I know it went up to 300mm zoom. I had never used a camera like this before, always point and shoot and I fell in love with it. The pictures are 10000x better, and being able to zoom without losing any quality and being able to focus on one object. I would also want a lense for nomal up close pictures.

I would like to stay under $500, camera+lense. Would that be possible at all? . What are some good alternatives? I am beginner photographer so I don't need much. I really don't need a camera with a bunch of features, the s2 is all I have used so it's all i really know about. I couldn't even figure out much of that one though.
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You might be able to get a Pentax K100D + kit lens (18-55mm) and a third party long zoom lens (Sigma) forclose to yourprice point.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"The other alternative is a "super-zoom" P&S camera, all of which should be available under your price limit, some well under. Most of the 12x varieties of those will have a 400mm equiv. lens. See Steve's Best Camera list. http://www.steves-digicams.com/best_cameras.html. Read the under $1000 DSLR reviews as well as a number of those have a "street" price similar to the K100D which is also reviewed there.
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If you don't have to have interchangeable lenses try the Fuji S9100 camera. Also if you can afford it get a hot shoe flash as well a that can really improve photos taking indoors. I use the sunpack 383 flash with my fuji S9100. I have had some of the photos printed at 16 x 20 and the quality is amazing. When I moved up from te Fuji S5000 in May I spent two full months researching cameras, trying them out etc. But one things to remember i that I was bias to D-SLRs because I wanted and needed a buolt in lens. I shoot a lot of fires and smoke and I get close at times and didn't want anything chances that I would ruin oir exposes the CCD chip...... This camera has a 28 to 300mm lens.

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