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Hi, i was told (and i am a newb) that 2-3 pixels would be fine for high quality pics, what i want my digi for is so i can upload any pics i have to my pc and maybe to blow them up, i wont be printing any or anything like that just for websites and other stuff ect. is 2-3 pixels good enough or will i go for the 7mp i was going to get. Dose it matter that much when you blow them up on your pc or does that only count when you print the blown up pics out?
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A typical 17 inch monitor at a fairly high resolution setting would be 1024x768 pixels. That's less than 1 million pixels (1MP). So looking full screen, you really wouldn't see any difference with more than that.

If you want to zoom in though, or crop much, you would. For the image to be twice the screen size in either direction (four times the area), it would be 2048x1536. That would be about 3 megapixels. A 6 or 7 MP image would be about three times the screen size in either direction. If you zoom in much more, you begin to see pixelation-the pixels get large enough to see the image is composed of these square boxes.

For prints, the highest quality prints are 300 pixels per inch, so say you have a 3000x2250 image (6.75 MP), it would print at that quality at 10" x 7". But, 200 PPI is still very good, so you will still have very high quality at 15"x11.25". And a 3MP model would similarly still look very good at 8" x 10".

The other thing is that, aside from resolution, more MP does not mean better quality. Too often, it means they have crammed too many pixels into too small a sensor, and per pixel image quality suffers. Cameras with very small pixels don't do as well in demanding light conditions, and they tend to produce grainier (or "noisier") output.

Today you can get good quality 5MP models even on the lowest end of the market, around $100. So there isn't really too much reason to get less than that. Beyond that, you will find that some of the current 5-6 MP models produce better results than some of the latest 7-8 MP models. For the small difference there in resolution, I wouldn't judge too much by MP, but look at overall reviews and image quality. Then, if the camera you like is a 7MP model, buy it, if it's a 6MP model, buy it.

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