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Hi everyone! I'm new here, so pardon any "broken record" issues I have. I've read some people's posts and gotten ideas, but none seem to be exactly what I'm looking for.

I currently have an old SLR Minolta film camera, and I want to lose the hassle of the film and all the big heavy fragilelenses I have to carry around. It would be great to havesomething that can take fairly decent (if short) video clips too. I am ready to buy, so I want to get one in the next week or so, even if I have to order online.

Here are some specifics I want:

- Budget: under $1000 (I'm pleased at how affordable one will likely be for me)
- Beginner-friendly: point-and-shoot, I am not yet savvy to the ways of digital photography
- Image quality: super-sharp with good color and minimalglare or noise, RAW is not essential
- Low-light functionality would be excellent (especially indoors) but not vital
- Video capability, prefer good image quality and fairamount of frames per second
- Bugs: I want to see the itty hairs on their bitty heads
- Birds: I want good optical zoom (orgood enoughresolutionto crop), from 30 feet away for the shyer species
- Scenery: I'd love something that can offer wide-angle views, but it's not vital
- Sports: I would like something that can handle motion shots, usually in excellent light (I'm not expecting to freeze-frame a bullet though)
- A remote shuttercontrol (even if wire-fed) would be nice so I can use a tripod and no fingersto make sensitive still shots. Image stabilization would be reallyhelpful too in hand.

I am not totally brand-biased, but so far Canon seems to carry the largest array of cameras that fit my description fairly closely.So far, the ones thatI'mdebating on are in the PowerShot series: G7, A640, A630, and S3 IS. I just wish I could really play around with them first (not an option here since the A630 is the only one I've even seen in stores) so I couldknow which one really would fit my needs best. So far, I've been to all the local stores I could think of around here that might carry any, been around lots of websites looking for comparisons, capabilities, and possible imagesamples. So far, this one is the most complete! And yay for a forum where I can ask people!
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I would go for a G7 in your shoes.

It's not going to be briliant at anything you have listed but I can't think of a better all-rounder.

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You could also check out the Fuji S6000FD (S6500 in some countries). It's currently the best low light ultrazoom camera in the market, 28-300mm lens with manual zoom and focus ring, face detection, RAW.

Here is a link to the review of the Fuji S6000FD:


and another, showing some samples images:

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Thanks for the ideas!

I checked out some online reviews of the Fugi camera, and I didn't think it would do the things I wanted to do as well as the Canons I listed, but thanks so much for the suggestion. I looked REALLY closely at the G7 againto see if I could justify its heftier price tag, and despite the excellent macro close-up quality, the megapixel qualitycouldn't make up for theunimpressive zoom (from what I saw)which is the other extreme I want. Yes, I know I'm picky and just a tad unrealistic, but I do want the best of what I can get for what I want of course (especially when we're talking hundreds of dollars).

From this site's review as well as some other reviews online and in print, I decided that the Canon Powershot S3 IS is closest to what I'm looking for. I bought it last night and have yet to actually play with it. I could post photo results and my own (unprofessional) review on here when I get a fair feel for it. Would you all like that?
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Your selection of the Canon S-3 is an excellent one. Congratulations! It is a very good good superzoom camera, and I think you will really enjoy it. Post some photos when you have a chance.

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You might want to post your personal review on the Canon forum and let us know it's there!
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