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[suP]Hey peeps,[/suP]


[suP]which of the above camera should I get? also which 18-200mm lens should I get as I will want to get the body only as from what I have the lens kit is not all that good that come with these camera's. And also with the money I save I could buy a better lens. I would like to know pros cons for both. And which ever I get will be my 1st digital SLR so I don't wanna make a mistake :-)[/suP]


[suP]Thanks the Soulman[/suP]
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I have asked the same question and from what I can tell from all the reviews and all the advice is that the 40x and 400D will be pretty much indistinguishable in terms of picture quality -- both will take excellent photos.

The lens issue is where I am paying more attention because the better the lens the better the end results. I also want the all in one do it all lens and this is where Nikon has the edge. Their 18-200mm VR Nikkor has no affordable equivalent from Canon. You would then have to buy a Sigma or Tamron which are cheaper but apparently not quite as good.

In Korea I have a more difficult choice because none of the Tamron or Sigmas here have Image stabalization which makes a zoom pointless because you'd have to use a tripod. The Canon 400D is $900 versus the 40X $500 so while the Nikkor lens is $800 my total would be $1300. The Canon with their 18-135mm IS lens (which would be closes to the 18-300 of Nikon) is $500.00 So for me the Nikon is the clear winner for price reasons.

Now if the Tamron and Sigma stabalized lenses are as good as the Nikon lens then the Canon seems to offer more sheer features. I have read where some reviewers simply like the Nikon picture quality better -- but I bet their both very much on par.

Another very small issue

I prefer the Nikon for one other reason - SD cards - I already have 3 SD cards (a 1g super fast) and a slow 1gig card) and so I would have to buy a Compact flash. The CF cards are older and more out of date and a prone to mor damage apparantly.

Personally I don't think it matters a whole helluva lot. I am sure that both of us would love the Nikon 40 or 40X with the Nikkor lens and we would also be perfectly happy with the Canon and say a Tamron lens.

If you can get a 40 cheap that may be the best option -- the 40x has more megapixels but the 40 has a faster shutter speed and one reviewer suggests that there is absolutely no difference for picture quality unless you are going to print larger than 13X19 images. The 40 with 6megapixels would also take up far less storage space and be faster to write to offload to the computer.

I am going out today to see what kind of deal I can swing...maybe I'll be buying - but I can wait a bit.

Good luck
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