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When looking for a camera, what indicates how quickly a picture is taken? I want to know from push of the button to capture of the photo. I had a sony cybershot dsc-w something, it cost about $250 and there was a delay when taking pictures. Someone once told it depended on the speed of my memory stick, it that true? I want a small camera with a big screen that takes quick pictures for about $250 or less.
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Clueless21 wrote:
Someone once told it depended on the speed of my memory stick, it that true?

It depends on how fast the camera can auto-focus and set auto-exposure. In general most manufacturers, particularly in their P&S cameras don't make any big deal about it because, for the most part it's nothing to brag about. In most cases it can be speeded up somewhat by foregoing auto-focus and auto-exposure. In some cases changing auto-focus/auto-exposure modes can make those functions happen quicker. Steve does test shutter lag in his reviews as does DPReview.

As a class DSLRs have less shutter lag than P&S cameras in all modes and with manual exposure/focus are hyper-quick compared to P&S cameras.

It's much easier to find large screens in your price range, quickness differences are likely to be small but read the reviews in Steve's Best Cameras list: http://www.steves-digicams.com/best_cameras.html

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Another big difference on any camera P&S or DSLR is if you half press perfocus/AE first ... or just jab the button.

For button jabbers SLR will pretty much always be faster... Where SLR really shine is how rapidly you can shoot again, and how many before buffer overflow.

If you prefocus firs though, many P&S can be near as fast, but may be a while before it will let you shoot again.
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Both AC and Hayward are correct.

The speed of the memory card can affect the shot-to-shot time, as there is a delay while the camera write the photo to the card. A faster card will have some influence on this. However, the card's speed will not impact the time from pressing the shutter button to the time the photo is taken.

One of my cameras is a Sony DSC-W30 and it is pretty quick, compared with some other point-n-shoots I have used.
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