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Howdy, new to this stuff, and am thinking of taking the plunge for a D-80. I am pondering ordering via internet although there is a Wolf's about 50 miles. The thing is I can save about 300 bucks buy ordering online.

Anyone with comments or experience would be apprecitated. The online retailer is B&H. anyone with dealingw with them??

Thanks in advance.

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B&H is a well respected online camera retailer. You would have no problems dealing with them. I believe they are an authorized dealer for most cameras, so you shouldn't have any warranty issues.

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$300 is a HUGE difference, and B&H is very much THE online buying source and very reliable. Wolfe's here in Dallas has, traditionally, been so out of line on price with everything I've wantedI never even check with them anymore, and I've never liked going to their "big" store here. It's kind of like being jumped on at a car dealership by the sales people.I often found myselfbacking off asI walked in.

We do have a good "local" dealer in Arlington Camera that does attempt many times to compete price-wise. They don't get down quite as low as B&H, and buying local does also mean paying sales tax, which will be higher than shipping charges from B&H, but I have been known to buy locally if the price is not too far off the online price to bothgive the local guys some business and make it easy on myself if, for some reason, the item has to be returned.
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I've bought 3 cameras from B&H(one a film camera at least 5 or 6 years ago) and can't say enough good things about them. On the other hand, the last camera I bought was purchased when it first came out and everyone on the internet was selling the camera at full price. So I bought from a local photography store (NOT Best Buy or the like) and am happy that I did because they now recognize me when I come in and that's been useful, though not $300 worth. Order from B&H.
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I just bought a Canon 30D from B&H and the deal went perfectly.
I got a good price and the camera arrived exactly when they said it would. No high pressure sales or sneaky little tricks.
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If you think you might eventually end up with a large collection of photographic equipment , developing a good relationship with your local camera store only has it's advantages. But for 50 miles and $300, I'd buy on-line and develop a good relationship with the UPS guy.
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bh photo was my first online camera retailer, and i still use them - they worked out great for me. i also use retailers through amazon sometimes, and have heard good things about adorama. i admit i even used butterfly photo a couple times for camcorders. and for backdrops i use some folks at ebay over and over. none of our local retailers can match the selection of products online, much less the price. when i can find something locally at a reasonably close to online price, i will buy there sometimes.

btw, just got another camera from bh photo, and the 2 day delivery still came to less than the local sales tax would have, so it didn't take TOO much patience
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