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Hi cheapburn - I am going to suggest something slightly different, may work - may not. To stay at under $1K, put the funds towards the glass and scrimp on the body. Pentax makes the K100D which is 6.1MP (probably all you will ever need, if you do not crop a lot) and with the K100D Super now announced, you can get deals on the K100D. It has image stablization and does 3 fps (followed by about a 10 second write to memory wait). You can get the body and kit lens 18-55mm for $470 with a $50 rebate. The kit lens is one of the best around - see the pentax forum here at Steve's for discussions. That leaves $600 for additional glass.

... and Beach Camera is a reasonable retailer

If you are really serious about the sports angle your going to want a 300mm prime f2.8 which runs some cash....

You will probably wind up having to go to a third party, zoom lens - Sigma, etc in order to reduce the price. Sigma has a 70-300 zoom for $300, however it is f4 - 5.6

There are 40 years worth of Pentax lens floating around to be had. Ebay (or evil bay) and KEH.com are good for used lens.

Also with the K100D you can go to ISO 1600 and 3200 so that the slower f4 lens will work with the lower light levels. However noise will increase - but you may be able to use software to remove the noise to an extent - depends on the image. Pentax offers the higher iso speeds.

You will probably not use all the bells and whistles on the K10D, and the new K100D Super adds the new lens motor, better image stablization and dust cleaning, however for 3 to 5 years, the K100D is a very good body to begin with and you will probably never miss anything the Super adds. Plus digital cameras are becoming consumer expendables - every year new features new models, lower prices. So invest in the lens.

Here is Pentax's current rebates.....

Bottom line - you have to like the camera - how it fits your hands, etc. - if your really going to use it. Its no bargin if it does not get used or if you hate using it.

Just a suggestion.

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