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Hey John. Yeah I am looking at this as becoming a source of income. When I wrote
"So even shooting with two bodies (70-200mm & ?) " I knew what you meant, the "?" means 120-300 or 300mm...not decided yet.

Going to a 1 series camera hadn't crossed my mind at all. I did know they had a higher burst rate and that they had a superior focusing system but i really thought a 1 series would be down the road a ways. What your saying makes sense and I'm considering it. I think I want maximum versatility from my initial spending...I'm obviously going to need two bodies eventually so I the 30d and the 2 lenses to start, then another body later is what I'm leaning towards at the moment.

30d - $1000

70-200mm - $1100

120-300mm - $2700

Thats $4800,then a 1 series down the track...what do you think?

Thanks for allyour advice, its beenvery helpful.
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