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I would like to purchase a probably used digital camer for a 7 year old who has an interest in photograph. I say used because I thought maybe a good older 2-3 megapixel camera would be sufficient. The new Fisherprice camer is too "babyish" and expensive for child use. Any suggestions.
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I gave my old Kodak C310 to my 6 years-old. It has a fixed lens with no autofocus mechanism to break. It seems to stand up to a few drops too.

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I'm glad to see this post. I just posted just about the same thing on another forum.

I'm also looking for a good first camera for my 8 y.o. son. Needs to take a decent picture since he's going to want to print some pics.

Anyone know if Steve has a section about kid's cameras?

Sorry about the other post, it won't let me put anything in that post.
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The only ones I can think of immediately are the Aipteks:


(You can find them in Walmart and other retail stores: watch out for sales)

Under "digital cameras" - two modeles from $9.99 to 19.99

Under "digital camcorders" - five models under $50; 2 models under $30, from $19.99 - you get still pictures and video clips.

Additional cost:

AA batteries - buy 4 Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries and charger - $10-20

Memory card (if the camera doesn't come with it or has built-in memory) - $5-10 easily gets you well above 256 MB - 256 MB+ is a good idea if your child is an aspiring movie producer!

It is a good way to teach them to handle valuable things with care, because these are rather plasticky and flimsy.
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You could try craigslist.org if you have one in your city. I see some pretty nice, slightly older digital cameras for less than $50 quite often.
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