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I purchased two new Pentax Optio S50 cameras for my daughters. One of them broke the second time it was used (the telephoto lens stuck open) and Pentax would not fix it unless I paid almost $200.00 in repair costs, saying it was caused by abuse. Of the dozen or so cameras our extended family owns, the only ones to ever break were these two Pentax digital cameras.

I sent Pentax dozens of other identical complaints (where the telephoto lens jammed open) that I located on the Internet, however Pentax kept stating this was not a design flaw???? Someone is recommending a class action suit against Pentax. I will join in if they proceed.

The second camera has never taken a sharply focused photo since it was new, however Pentax stated that I would have to pay to have this repaired as the 1 year warranty had just elapsed.

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Tom Fulcher wrote:
I sent Pentax dozens of other identical complaints (where the telephoto lens jammed open) that I located on the Internet, however Pentax kept stating this was not a design flaw????
So you did NO investigation before you bought?????

EVERY camera makers has had a lemon or two out there.

My Canon A530 REALLY sucks IMHO.... but spent so little on it as old discontinued model, (as a who cares what happens to it cam) as to not really want to go to the effort to get it fixed, my time was worth more.... and again something that would be argued.... just does not function with NIMH batteries beyond a few min.... but fine with environmentally horrible and expensive Alkalines.

Then again my Pentax K10D (real vs toy camera... priced and built accordingly) has been wonderfu (sorry to say has been dropped and just shrugged) l have heard VERY few complaints on them, or the K100D's.... haven't really looked into the Pentax P&S forum.... but still haven't heard anything consistantly bad.

And not trying to impune you, but you did buy them for kids... are you positive they didn't drop them with the lens out, or wack them into something etc while you weren't looking?

Then again if there were no scratches or signs of physical damage not sure why Pentax would say that.

And also sort of confusing when you say one is going out of warranty... and other died second use? How old were they? Bough a second after the first seemed OK for some time?

Sorry for your experience with a likely bad model.... and sorry they did not treat it well.... but again you can pick ANY camera company and it has happened with all of them at one point or another.

The one experience I had like this, I did persue (because even basic P&S were still expensive then) was with a Nikon 800 P&S, and actually I did drop it 2 ft to a tile floor..... but it showed no physical signs of it.... but the AF went all to he!!.

The give away though was the tech that fixed it, took test shots when fixed and did not erase them.... ant it happened to be of large boxes full of those camera carcases.... but if it HAD gotten nicked or dented I'd be they'd have denied it.

And I would agree if this is truly a bad model Pentax should have sucked it up.... but if there was sign of physical damage (again wasn't in my Nikon case) that does give them the out and again likely any company might do. (As it is an out in ALL warranties)

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