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I'm surprised that AAFES in Korea would have a limited selection. But if you can use the store you can use the on-line store [http://www.aafes.com/] too,and they probably have a better selection.
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They have a lot of point and shoot cameras, but a lot of the time it seems like they are older models. I've never been able to shop at AAFES outside of Korea, but the sale people here are not the most helpful either. They always push the same cameras, even if you say you are intersted in something else. It was the same way in the electronics market, when I asked for the Pentax everyone seemed to say it was a "weak" or "small" camera, and I wanted a canon which was "big" and "strong". They didn't push the nikon nearly as much even though they were everywhere. At the PX they push casio point and shoots and when you look at the dSLRs they usually tell you to get the panasonic superzoom. They tell you the lenses are too expensive (which could be true sometimes), and they also try to make you feel very stupid for even thinking about a camera they aren't trying to sell you. I did buy my canon s500 from there, but that was only because I had a 20% off coupon, and I didn't talk to anyone, just told them the camera I wanted.
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Back in those thrilling(?) days of yesteryear, I bought cameras and lenses through the base photo clubs. The prices were often better, the salespeople were more knowledgeable, and the selection was better. If it wasn't in stock, it could be gotten in a very short time. Have the photo clubs gone away now, or has the Exchange taken over the sales?

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I have no idea what the base photo club is, so either it has gone away or doesn't advertise very well. AAFES does try to control sales on base. For a long time there was a stand at the pool, run by the base swim club, that sold hotdogs, soda, stuff like that. Last year AAFES forced them out, so now theyget a little extra profit off those hotdogs. I know AAFES does a lot of good things in parts of the world, but I really don't like the way it is run over here. I could go on and on, but this probably isn't the forum for that.
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This conversation about base exchanges brings back memories - my Pentax ME camera came from the Canadian Base Exchange in Germany. I think we could cross-shop the exchanges, but don't really remember (the camera was actually given to me by my boyfriend at the time - something I suspect he might have regretted since he's still buying me cameras).
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Well, I would pick the D80. Mainly because I've already bought into the system. Once they get you hooked,...

In all seriousness, I think the K10D has a lot going for it. To me the differences break out as follows:


- better system, can trade up
- better flash system
- much better long lens selection
- much better AF lens selection
- better low-light AF
- large selection of AF-S/HSM lenses
- better third-party support (lenses, flashes, etc.)


- very nice selection of wide to short-tele primes for which there's no match outside of Pentax
- built-in SR
- nicer build
- many bargain lenses (old MF lenses)
- SR on wide angle/short tele primes

I think that the K10D is a much better value, but I'm quite happy with my Nikon.

The one thing I wish for on the D80 (or any Nikon) is a fast wide-angle prime with VR--you can't get that at any price for the Nikon.

Otoh, if you tend to shoot long, you often pay more for a Pentax lens with SR only in the body than a comparable Nikon lens with VR built into the lens.

It's similar with a lens like the Sigma 70-200 f/2.8. Can be had much more cheaply in Nikon mount WITH HSM than a Pentax version without HSM. Of course, the Pentax will have SR (from the body) with it.
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