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I am going to buy one of the abovecameras and need various opinions as to which one might be better. Both have a long zoom and a movie mode which I want.

The Panasonic movie option can fill a wide screen TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio. I am not sure the Canon can do that. I am not even certain that the movies from both cameras will look decent on a wide screen 50 inch TV. Has anyonedone TV typemovies?

How much of a ( no crop)enlargement can I print before the image starts to degrade? What do you find as weak points in either camera. I realize hi ISO settings are problem areas. I plan to stickwit low ISO settings.

Can any owner of either camera let me know their thoughts on all this.

Any help with either camera will be of great valuein my purchase decision.

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Here's a similar discussion..


This one happened to be on the same page as your post, but there are others that can be easily found where these two models are discussed. They both have features that make them more desireable than the other...the question is, which "features" besides the two you noted are more important, manual controls, vs. toggle switches, physical body size, RAW capture, etc., etc.. Depending how you would answer any of these or others I'm not thinking about right now, the "right" answerwould change.

There is no one answer that's "right" for everyone.

If you are big into the movie mode, by all accounts, Canon's S3 was the absolute king for digital still cameras in terms of movies. The S5 should be little different, which is to say MUCH better (for movies)than the FZ50. I own an FZ50 and have never even turned the dial to the movie mode, but I've seen lots of complaints among FZ50 users about the movie mode...I've just never really paid that much attention to them, I'm strictly a still photographer. If I ever get around to doing movies I'll buy a digital movie camera.

Given a good exposure, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to print from either camera to at least 11x14. I have no doubt I could print my better FZ50 files to 16x20. Regarding your "no crop" part of the question, you'll have a hard time printing and not doing some amount of cropping...print sizes as a general rule don't exactlymatch the dimensions of any camera's sensor. At some point you'll be cropping something to make a print.

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