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What are the major diferences in the picture quality of the Fuji s3pro and the Canon 5D? What can the Canon do that the Fuji s3 can't?
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There are quite a lot of differences. The best thing to do is check out the reviews by Phil on dpreview as he does some comparisons between the S3 and Canon 20D and the S5 and Canon 30D. Then have a look at the 5D compared to the 20D and you will start to get an idea.




What sort of shooting are you looking at doing as neither of these cameras might be right for you?
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Your best bet is to read the reviews and look for anything you're interested in that's different.

A few things that come to mind...

The 5D is going to give you higher resolution. The Fuji will give you results somewhere in between most 6 Megapixel and 8 Megapixel models (closer to something like an 8MP Canon EOS-20D) on resolution tests using it's 12MP mode. Although some reviewers believe the 6MP mode provides a cleaner image with less artifacts.

The Fuji has an odd sensor design (6 million photosite locations, with two photosites at each, one being used for highlights). The Canon has a sensor with a true 12.8 million effective pixels. So, if you need larger prints with the most detail possible, I'd keep the resolution differences in mind (higher resolution from the Canon).

The Canon is going to be faster (startup time, focus speed, focus points, cycle times between photos, buffer depth for photos in a row, image playback, etc),

You'll have both lower and higher higher available ISO speeds with the Canon (both ISO 50 and ISO 3200 available in extended ISO mode). The Fuji's range starts out at ISO 100 and ends at ISO 1600.

The Canon has some features missing on the Fuji (like Mirror Lockup, ability to select JPEG quality when shooting raw+jpeg and more). It's going to have a larger viewfinder view (pro quality viewfinder coupled with a full frame sensor camera).

Of course, the Canon has a larger sensor (same size as 35mm film, versus a smaller APS-C size sensor in the Fuji). So, you'll have a much different angle of view for any given focal length lens. The Fuji will have a narrower angle of view (more apparent magnification) for any given focal length.

You'd need to multiply the focal length of a lens used on the Fuji by 1.5x to see what lens what be needed on the Canon (or a 35mm film camera) for the same angle of view. IOW, a 50mm focal length on the Fuji would give you the same angle of view you'd have using a 75mm focal length on the Canon

That's great if you want more apparent magnification. That's bad if you want a wider angle of view. Pros and cons to either.

There are many other differences, too.

The Fuji is really the market leader for Dynamic Range (especially if you it's Wide Dynamic Range processing option, although that does slow it's operation down). That's because of it's unique sensor design.

The Canon is no slouch in that area though (the 5D is near the "top of the pack" for Dynamic Range in competing cameras).

Like many higher end models, the Canon doesn't have a built in flash. The Fuji does. So, that's something to keep in mind when comparing them.

Note that the Fuji S3 Pro has a replacement out now (the new S5 Pro). The Canon EOS-5D is still a current model.

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