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Hello all,

I am wondering what cameras out there will actually burn the date on the image inself.

I had an older sony and it did it so I went out and bought the new 10.1 mpix camera and it does not.

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Welcome to the forums. I don't keep up with the models that do or do not have this feature. I think many of the Kodaks do. But, a number of other brands probably do, too.

If you skim the reviews for models you're interested in here, you'll see the menu options in them shown. So, look under the Setup menus and you should see an option for it with models that have it.

But, you really wouldn't have to switch cameras to get a date stamp when you need it (and you may end up preferring not to have the camera put one there, since it can be unsightly with some images, especially if the colors clash). lol

This topic comes up from time to time.

Some cameras have a date stamp feature, and some cameras don't.

But, you can get software to print a date/time stamp on a photo, if you really have a need for it (based on a header in the image file that the camera puts there with the date/time the photo was taken, using the camera's internal clock for it)

I'd save the originals as a date stamp can be unsightly.

The settings a camera used to take a photo are included inthe EXIF (a header that is part of your images).This header includes the date and time an image was taken. You can get free software that can read the date the photo was taken, and stamp your images with the date if desired. It includes lots of other info, too (shutter speed, aperture, etc.). You can print almost anything from it you want on a photo (including the date/time it was originally taken).

One example of a free utility isExifer for Windows (it's watermark feature can read the date information, and place it on the photos in batch mode).

Using this technique (instead of a camera's date stamp feature), insures that you always have originals without the date stamp (since it can be unsightly). Simplywork with copies of your originals so you'll have versions with and without a date stamp.

Another example is Irfanview (you'll see the ability to insert overlay text in the Advanced Options under Batch Operations).

Some printing software can also place the date on a photo when printing (reading it from the header in the image file).

Even the free EasyPrint software Canon includes with some of it's printers has this feature (and some third party printing software like QImage Pro can also do this, with nodate stampfeature in the camera needed).

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Date stamping is a good feature to have for special occasions like graduation, kid's birthday , etc. I have a Sony DSC-V1 which has that feature, you can turn it on when you need it and turn it off when you don't. I also have a newer Sony DSC-H2, just got it 2 weeks ago, does not have that feature, even it is a better camera by all means.
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