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Previous discussions here have been very helpful forcing me to sit down and answer to the question : what do I really want to photograph ?

So here are my needs, hoping that you guys will direct me to the right lenses.

A - To make some money :

A1 - Real estate pics from my 5 meters high pole

A2 - Real estate pics from my 300feet high helium balloon (see my pics on http://www.mas-arriba.com)

A3 - Booklet pics for restaurants and bars ambients, but also for speciality plates and drinks

A4 - Mariage "stolen" portraits like "stolen" kisses. I do not wantto be the official photographer, but "steal" some portraits withlots of blurr of the background during the mariage or the crowdy reception.

B- For a hobby :

B1- Studio portraits

B2- Gymnase sports

My total budget for camera and lens is around 1000 - 1200 US dollars. Of course, A items would have priority on the purchase above B items.


For A1, I guess some lens below 20 mm would be great, if can avoid the wide angle distortion.

For A2, same comment.

For A3, I have absolutely no idea. High ISO and fast lens I guess would be a must for low light ambients. But for specialty plates and coktails ? That would look more like a mini studio work, wouldn't it ?

For A4 : I guess a fast lens for the blurr on the background, but with some 200mm zoom ?

For B1, I do not likethe "in the face" positiontoward the customer as I like natural expressions, and I like the "vital space" idea. So I understood I may go for a50 mm fixed lens. With the multiplying factor of Canon, that would be something like a80 mm. BUT I read everywhere that portrait shooters mostly use 5.6 to 8 for more sharpness. So do I really need a fast lens ?

For B2 I understood the need for a 1.4 or 1.8 lens with a good quality 1600 ISO camera and a noise reduction sotware.Maybe a 85 mm USM. But could I use it also for B1 ?

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Off the top of my head, due to the inherant instability of your platform (tall monopod, kite or balloon), I'd say you should definately get something with image stabilization. Also,large aperturewide angle to medium telephoto lenses are probably a must.

I think that narrows it down to Pentax.
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I agree with TCav-

This most probably is a job for the Pentax. The choice of the necessary lens will be interesting. BTW for the food photos is flash permissible? Or are those to be existing light photos?

Sarah Joyce

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