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Greg,I agree with you completely-

The decision between the XTi and the 30D is absolutely key to this discussion. Without a decision, we will not move forward, at all! Are you hearing me, OP also know as Sound Dust??

Sarah Joyce

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Waiting for the 40D to come out then gonna try to snag the 30D for a good price somewhere. I've been obsessively looking at lenses for it, and will probably pick up the 50mm f/1.4 and a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 to start my collection, then wait until Christmas and birthdays roll around to make additions.

There is a thread on the Canon DSLR forum about how ineffective the sensor cleaner is in camera. Will just plan to clean manually when needed.

Thanks for the advice all!
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I have the 400D and it is a terrific camera, i like it better than the 350D i had, but the auto sensor cleaner doesn't keep all the dust off i've changed from my 17-85 lens to my 70-300 alot and i only have one speck i see, but i bought the sensor swab cleaner that has 12 swabs and the eclipse E2 drops that should last a long time it's probably the best sensor cleaner out, but on image quality between the 30D and 400D you will get the same from both, on a dslr it depends on the lens you have
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