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:? Hi.

I was talked into purchasing the Fuiji S7000 about 3+ years and have gotten excellent results outdoors in good sunlight. I shoot more groups (African American skin tones) in Church settings with a wide variety of lighting, even changing from sanctuaries to fellowship halls. Needless to say, I've spent a fortune on lighting and the Fuiji is getting worse.

I am ready to purchase a new camera with the most ease of use for this purpose. Help please. Thanks.
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A DSLR like the Pentax K-100D, which has a good rebate program going on until 30 September could be a very good option, particularly if you purchased the K-100D and the Pentax Flash at the same time. All for the same price or less than an ultrazoom with a good flash.

That would give you a nice wide angle lens (27mm, I believe) and a good flash to light those groups nicely.

Sarah Joyce
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Do you have a budget? Do you want to shoot flash or would you rather work with natural light?

Iwould look at options from Canon, Nikon and Pentax and consider some bright prime lenses (aperture of f1.8 or less) or fast zooms (aperture of f2.8) to allow as much light in as possible so you can get good exposures in the dim lighting we call find in churches.

I'm fortunate that our church is well lit with large windows on all 4sides even so it is not great.

Shooting flash can be difficult as the ceilings are generally high and you can't use bounce flash so you have to go direct if you are not using fast lenses which can make harsh lighting.

If you let us know more info we can give some advice to help you hone down your decision.
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